You Can Watch 2.0 Teaser of Rajnikanth on This Day, Upcoming Movie


2.0 is the sequel of robot movie of rajnikanth and akshay kumar play the role of villain. After raees he also do stunt like a shahrukh khan and ready to play negative role. Akshya kumar seen raees success and inspired to play villain role. Robot is the super hit movie and people liked it so much so rajnikanth again see in robot sequel 2.0. this is the big budget film featuring rajnikanth and akshay kumar. As villain and as hero.


you can watch 2.0 teaser of rajnikanth on this day

2.0 teaser coming soon

You can see many fake teasers and trailers on youtube so don’t trust those because here is the exact date of official teaser and you can see it. 14 april is the date of tamil new year and it is also the teaser releasing date of 2.0 and 2.0 is the sequel of the robot the film by rajni kanth.

This movie created many records and unique movie of bollywood and also rajnikanth is multi talented actor and his role is fit in this movie. Rajnkinath and raone are unique films and different type of film.

In raone is the name of villain in game and this movie is related to game and also it is the similar movie of robot. So that mean shahrukh khan also makes this type of film better. May he will appear in 2.0 sequel.

Robot is the film of robo who create own world and damage to world. In this film chitthi is the name of robot and rajnikanth played better role in this movie.  So rajnikanth is also plays lead role in his other movie and sequel of robot and 2.0.

Anyway this time akshay kumar play negative role so now just wait and watch for teaser.


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