Third Day of Raees Movie And Kaabil Movie Collection [Raees Ahead]


Raees vs kaabil is the biggest clash of the year and you can say it is the war of collection. We also shared collection of raees and kaabil. Raees first day and 2nd day collection and kaabil 1st day and second day collection. Raees is the most emotional movie and kaabil is also emotional movie. Raees is action movie and kaabil is also action movie. And in romance bothe movies are equal but in raees you can see srk because Shahrukh khan is the power of this movie and if other actor lead in this movie then raees movie can’t earn more.

Raees Movie

Third day of Raees and kaabil

3rd day collection of kaabil and raees

Here we shared 3rd day collection so you should see it in below. Raees earned total 60 crore in 3 days so Raees is the next blockbuster movie. Here is the collection status of raees and kaabil in india we will share overseas and worldwide collection later.

Raees movie 3rd day collection : – 13 crore

Kaabil movie 3rd day collection : – 8.1 crore

Raees movie already booked 14 crore Rs tickets before release and kaabil just earned 4 crore before release so it is the also power of advance booking. Raees is the best story and plot and kaabil is also beautiful movie. So both movies are great but here stardom is working of shahrukh khan. Shahrukh khan has a biggest fan following in India and world.

Anyway shahrukh khan announced that raees 2 shooting will starts soon and this time you will watch something interesting in raees 2.  Kaabil will also earn more in sometime but now raees is ahead and kaabil is behind so no doubt after sometime raees enter in  100 crore lub.


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