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The group of hackers that previously stole massive amounts of user data from popular cheating website Ashley Madison appear to have carried out their threat to publish that data on the Internet , releasing almost 10 gigabytes containing numerous details about the site’s customers on Tuesday. It cannot be ruled out that scammers will inbox people whose email account details were not even included the data dump just to try to trick them into clicking a link that installs malware or ransomware onto the computer or device. For those seeking an affair, the solution to issues 2, 3, 4 is to only respond to profiles posted by AM members. Ashley Madison’s own data shows San Francisco with the smallest share of the population as members, out of 22 U.S. cities.

It’s likely that criminals will continue to find ways to exploit the Ashley Madison customer data, and maybe Bradbury is right that it could be used for identity theft. Ashley Madison, which prided itself on discretion, was going to charge me 125 South African Rand — or $10.09 — to fully excise my account details. Ashley Madison is, without doubt, aimed at a very specific type of user. The women’s personal email addresses and IP addresses showed marked signs of fakery.

Most of these married men said their marriage was dead”, people change”, she got bored with me”. So, someone you know was named as a user of Ashley Madison, the dating website for married people. For example, one can only guess what could have happened if malefactors had devised a tool to compare the data from the Ashley Madison dump with the data from another major hack — the hack of the United States Office of Personnel Management. One of the accounts, under the name Sensuous Kitten, was listed as the 11th member of Ashley Madison, the website reported.

In October 2013, 153 million Adobe accounts were breached with each containing an internal ID, username, email, encrypted password and a password hint in plain text. What Ashley Madison really brings to the table is reputation and functionality. However, it’s unclear if messages and photos can be scrubbed off the company’s servers after permanently deleting your profile. The site allows you to curate a list of your favorite Ashley Madison profiles. The data specifically was pulled from the summer of 2017 and also found that women signups hit an all-time high in July.

Ashley Madison, which boasts it is “the global leader for affairs,” has more than 54 million member accounts. All the time, thousands and thousands of people become members of Ashley Madison to find discreet liasons and relationships of many kinds. Whatever the exact cause, on the adult sites Pitcher worked on, real women accounted for less than 2 percent of total profiles. Hopefully Ashley Madison’s investors are more faithful than its users. With the rise of dating apps, scammers cast an even wider net for potential targets and automate much of the process—using bots to lure victims into scams.


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