Sunny Leone Justin Beer Concert, Deepika denies performance in joining Padukone. When Justin Baber


Will perform in Mumbai, some of them are ready to share the stage with Kishore Sansney. There are many names from those communities. Which is said to be slow, while Bollywood is celebrating this time? And one of them is Sunny Leone Justin. However, the actress rejected these speculations.

Sunny Leone Justin

He said that it is true; Sunny Leone Justin further said that he did not know this. How did his name emerge in the list of artists, but he also said that he would definitely take part in the ceremony. Expressing enthusiasm about seeing Justin Bebar live, Sunny said that he is eager for him. And according to the reports last week, Sunny Leone Justin was ask to share the stage with Justin Bieber for a glamorous act, but the actress denied it.

On the film front, Sunny Leone will be seen alongside Arbaaz Khan in Tera Intezer and direct by Rajiv Walia. Earlier, we had told that Sonakshi Sinha, who is now in the field of music, will perform with Justin Bieber.

Sunny Leone Justin Beer Concert

There were reports about Sonny, who was involv in the first film Sorry Hitmaker’s first film festival in India. On the email from Mumbai, Sunny told IANS, Hey, I want it to be true, I know that they have a bunch of names, says Sunny Leone Justin, that it is true that it was Canada in May. Will star in Justin Bieber’s first film, but for now, he is only excit to participate in the summer night. Those fractions have many names that are calling to open slowly.

When all Indian artists are crazy to look at their star’s first concert, then the organizers of the show have put it on their feet to make it a huge success. Tickets for Bollywood participation, keep fans of all the fascinating artists excited. His involvement should not be surprise. because he is popular in India and abroad. In fact, many big names are being consider.

In the world tour, Justin symbolizes the success of Beber’s fourth album ‘Purpose’. Who has made many records, has given Barber a ‘Mark My Words’As Long As Love Me ‘Pyaar Apnaat ‘Purpose ‘Sorry ‘Baby ‘and’ What do you mean? There is hope to hit like. All the Bollywood actors participated in Coldplay singer Chris Martin at the Global Citizen Festival on November 19 last year, but we think which Bollywood stars will be a part of the line up for this ceremony.


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