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Sunny deol is the son of dharmednra kumar and also known as a sunny paji his brother bobby deol also in film industry. His recent fim apney is the best family movie. Sunny was born on 19 October 1957 and his age is 60 years. He was born in ludhian Punjab india. Now he lives in Mumbai Maharashtra india. His sister esha deol is the also heroine of the bollywood. His first movie is betaab and in first movie he won filmfare award for the best performance in betaab movie. Tridev, arjun, krodh, ghayal, vishwatma, lootere, darr, damini, jeet ghatak, ziddi, arjun pandit, and Indian is the super movie of sunny.

sunny deol

After darr movie sunny deol dialogues dhi kilo hath and shahrukh khan dialogue k..k..kiran is the most popular dologues of that time.

sunny deol life details and biography

sunny deol bollywood films and life

he is the director and producer and his first film is dillagi. And the hero is bobby deol in his movie he produced and directed this movie. He launched amrita singh in betaab and betaab is the block buster movie.  Both actor ( brothers ) made best films and win film fare awards. Ghayal is another block buster movie of himhe won national film award in damini for best supporting actor.

Then after he performed in darr film and that is a biggest block buster movie of sunny deol with shahrukh khan. Shahrukh khan get many awards in that film for hi negative role. Then people saying that sunny deol career is over and then his films gadar ek prem katha and this sis the also block buster film and highest grossing film on that time.  Also sunny deol and amisha patel won film fare awards for better role.

Indian and maa tujhe salam movie is the also block buster films of sunny deol. He plays very good role on those films. Deol was married to pooja deol and now they are happy in their life. He has two sons’ karan and rajveer.

Sunny deol’s voice used for vin diesl’s movie Riddick it is a Riddick hidni version.  Anyway sunny deol is the biggest star of bollywood and we can’t forget him and his acting. Bollywood is the industry that gives many super stars to us and sunny deol is the unforgettable superstar of bollywood. His father dharmendra also big super star and have stardom. Sunny paji now will come with his new movie and clash with sharukh khan’s rehnuma ( the ring ). That movie of sunny deol and clah with sharukh khan also akshya kumar may release his movie on same day so here is the biggest clash of the bollywood industry.

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