Sunil Grover Rubbishes The Rumors of Him Making a Comeback In ‘The Kapil Show


Hello, Friends welcome to The worldmirchi blog and I am Vinay Patel. Today I want to share something special with you, and it is Sunil Grover Rubbishes The Rumors of Him Making a Comeback In ‘The Kapil Show. The battle of Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover took place since then they are making headlines. While Sunil Grover is maintaining a strong silence about the return on the show, rumour mills said that he had recently shot for an episode of ‘Kapil Sharma Show’ started wagging. Sunil Grover decided to end all the rumours that he was lying and did not shoot for any episode of ‘Kapil Sharma Show.


In the same breath, he also clarified that the mourned rum-ours of comedy show with another channel about him are also baseless. Sunil Grover, famous for his multi faceted personality in the show, was an integral part of a charity event in Assam last week. In addition, he is now ready to do another show in Delhi this week. In which he will be seen versatile actor Ali Asghar for the company because he was focusing on live shows and nothing else. Recreating his words, a source in the ‘Kapil Sharma show’ said. That Kapil Sharma is busy shooting for his film Frangible. How could this be possible? That Sunil Grover shot for an episode of the show.

The Kapil Show In Sunil Grover Rubbishes The Rumors of Him Making a Comeback

Recently flying on the flight when he was returning to Melbourne from Mumbai An addict, Kapil started abusing the actress Chandan Prabhakar. Who also stars in his comedy show? Sunil tried to interfere that Kapil went ahead and started killing him. One source said, “Kapil continued his target and told him that whatever he is doing today is due to him. He called Sunil a flop actor. Who left for work for him after his show because he is a friend; some passengers also wanted an emergency landing due to this ruckus.

This incident has shocked the entire cast of the show; While Sunil has decided to step down, Chandan can also follow suit. In the meanwhile, other artists have decided to boycott it for an indefinite period. Kapil cannot be made fair. You are not suffering and cannot use the wrong language. This is incomplete of a public idea, says a member of the unit.


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