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Sorry Status For WhatsApp This Status Is Collection Is Famous Popular Sorry Status For WhatsApp. Has a Many People Is a Searching for The Sorry Status For WhatsApp, Facebook, and other Social Media. You Also Check The Below Collection of Sorry Status For WhatsApp. We Created a list of Sorry Status For WhatsApp Has you Can Share With your Friends on Social Platforms Like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp Easily.

Has A Nobody Is Perfect Under The Face Of The Earth. Also We May Offend Our Loved Ones In The Cause Of Carrying Out Our Daily Living. Have We Hurt People In Ways We Know And Ways We Don’t Know That Is The Imperfection In Us, Also That Is The God Created Nature In Man.

Has The Issue Is Not About How Many Times We Offend People It Is About Our Ability To Say Sorry And Truly Mean It. Has The Use Of Sorry And Forgiveness Status On Our Social Platform Is An Ideal Way To Show Someone We Have Hurt How Sorry We Are For Our Actions And Also Using That Means To Ask For Their For Giveness.

Sorry Status
Sorry Status

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Also, Forgiveness Is A Thing Of The Heart We Know But There Are Things That Move The Heart. Has A If You Have Hurt Someone So Close To You Or A Colleague At The Office Of Maybe A School Mate, Also You Can Ask For Their Forgiveness By The Use Of Sorry And Forgiveness Status, Has This Is A Great Means To Make Up The Difference Between Both Of You. Has That You Can Use If You Are Under This Category.

Also Following Written Status Are The Best Sorry Status, Also You Can Post On The Social Network Like Facebook, WhatsApp, Or Even Can Send Through The Text Message. Have You Keep Visiting Our Site For Further More Updates We Will Update Them Weekly Or Monthly To Fulfill Your Needs.

Best Sorry Status For WhatsApp

I have learned that sometimes sorry is not enough. Sometimes you actually have to change.

I’m sorry but nothing can change the fact that your the definition of a jerk.

If you keep saying sorry but do the same thing over and over again then saying sorry just becomes another lie.

Not the fastest horse can catch a word spoken in the moment of angery.

I’m not perfect, I make mistakes, I hurt the ones I love now and then, but when I say sorry, I mean it with all my heart.

Hates it when you can feel someone else’s pain & suffering but can’t make it better.

Never lose yourself while trying to hold on to someone who doesn’t care about losing you.

I wish I could be what you want, but I can’t and I’m sorry.

When I look at you I think that we should be together but when we are I screw it up and I am sorry.

I admit I made a mistake Over stepping some boundaries which made me look fake. I always said I would never do the things I did, and that is the reason it is so hard for you to.

Never let the sun go down on your anger. You might not get the light of a new day to say I am sorry.

It’s very easy to hurt someone and then say ‘sorry’ but it’s really difficult to get hurt and then say ‘I am fine’.

Sometimes sorry just isn’t enough. Even if you mean it with all your heart.

I have learned that sometimes SORRY is not enough. You actually have to change yourself.

Saying sorry doesn’t mean there isn’t guilt and forgiving doesn’t mean the pain is gone.

Hope things go back to the way they used to be.

You’re not sorry, for anything. But I am. I guess that’s what makes us two VERY different people.

I’m sorry I can’t speak very coherently.

Thinks SORRY should be removed from the dictionary because its OVER used and has NO meaning.

Sees the character of a person in the strength of their apology.

Sorry Status For Someone Special

I fight with you, I shout at you, I hurt you a lot. But I simply can’t live without you. I am sorry.

I don’t want to make any grand promises. All I want to do is hug you and tell you how much you mean to me. I’m sorry.

I am sorry – if you accept my apology we can move on from being angry and get on to being naughty.

If I begin to tell you how terrible I feel for what I did to you, my apology will run into days, weeks and months. To cut a long story short, I am really sorry.

The homepage of our relationship cannot be currently displayed because of a server error. Can we please click on the refresh button and start over again? I am sorry, baby.

I’m sorry if sometimes I get a little jealous… thinking that someone else could make you happier than I could.

I am sorry for making you lose your temper. But to be honest, you look boiling hot when your temper boils over.

I am sorry for lying. You can be as mad at me as you want. But do it quickly because I’ve got something really exciting to tell you.  

I am sorry for being jealous. It’s just that I’m afraid of losing the best thing to have ever happened to me.

My fickle mind may have made the mistake of lying to you, but my heart and soul are forever committed to loving you. I am sorry.

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Heartfelt Sorry Status

I’m repenting for my mistakes and crying out in pain. But if you don’t forgive me, everything will be in vain. I’m sorry.

The heart that knows how to bow down and say SORRY is the heart that loves the most!

I’m a very laid back person… I try to hide the pain I’m feeling but it gets hard… sorry, I’m not perfect.

Please give me a chance to explain, What I did was completely vain. It was clearly way beyond rude, Completely stupid, I must conclude.

I took for granted, all our smiles, laughs and memories. I promise I’ll never do it again because they mean the world to me. I am sorry.

I want to go back in time and fix all that was wrong I’ve done, change all of my regrets so we didn’t fight as long.. forgive me!

If I have ever done a mistake, forgive me thinking that it was a mistake… don’t ever forget me even by a mistake…

The bitterest tears shed over graves are for words left unsaid and for deeds left undone. I’m sorry!

Just like how you spotted my lie by simply looking into my eyes, I am sure you will spot the regret in my heart just by hearing my voice. I am sorry.

Regret, heartbreak, and sadness have stolen my life’s happiness. I am sorry for letting you down, but I promise to erase your frowns.

Sorry Status For Best Friends

BEST friends tolerate the WORST in you. Thanks for being one, I’m sorry.

I am sorry I lied, I am sorry you cried. I didn’t mean to be rude, please forgive me, dude.

Our friendship’s value is such, that without it my life’s value would be worthless. I’m sorry.

There is nothing in the whole world that I will allow to come in-between our friendship – not even my own mistakes. I’m sorry.

I don’t care whether you forgive me or not. You will forever be the friend who I love a lot. I’m sorry.

Our friendship is lifelong. My silly mistake is just a little pothole along this beautiful journey. I am sorry.

Sometimes I take the liberty to take you for granted because deep down in my heart I know that my best friend will always understand. I am sorry.

I feel ashamed that I broke your trust. I know, what I have done is unjust. But I promise I’ll never let our friendship rust. I’m sorry.

My mistake was an accident but our friendship isn’t. My apology is full of regret but our friendship isn’t.

Our friendship has no rules but it is based on two beautiful things – unlimited love and unlimited forgiveness. I am sorry for annoying you, please forgive me.

As one of life’s delightful treats, friendship is best served innocent. Thanks for keeping it that way and sorry for being a jerk.

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Sorry Status For Whatsapp And Facebook

I’m sorry for being silly.

Sorry is the only word you will see in my Texts, Facebook posts, Whatsapp status, Tweets and Pins… until you forgive me.

I am Sorry for the pain I caused you, I feel so bad.

Take your time. Don’t worry. I’ll wait forever if that is what it’ll take for you to forgive me. I love you.

I just feel so much guilt, That my words and actions built. I know, what I did was wrong, Tried to avoid it and be strong.

Please hear what my heart telling you. Please see what my face showing you. Please feel how much I feel for you and don’t let me be going. I’m sorry!

Take your time, don’t worry. I’ll wait forever if that is what it’ll take for you to forgive me.

It takes a strong person to say sorry….and an even stronger person to forgive.

I used words, I did not mean, I need to stop – acting fifteen. My actions and words, simply not right I’m sorry for my anger and spite.

I am not perfect, I make mistakes, I hurt people. But when I say sorry, I mean it.

I have realized that it doesn’t matter how much I care about you until I actually show it. Sorry.

Sorry Status For Personal Wrong Doing

I am sorry for what I did, did not mean it from my heart. Had this guilt in me right from the start, Sorry, Please forgive me!

I’m so sorry, from deep inside, Clearly guilty, my hands are tied. It was obviously, all my fault, I have opened my inner vault.

My pride is bigger than me, I never apologize for something. But I’d rather lose my pride than lose you. I’m sorry.

I know you’re angry but I want you to think about all the beautiful memories, that have made us believe that we’re meant to be. I am sorry.

Please give me a chance to explain, There must be something wrong with my brain. My emotions, I must learn to control and never hurt you, this is my goal.

I can’t believe how I drove us apart when all I ever wanted was for us to be together… now and forever. I am sorry.  

You know what I miss the most? Talking with you and sharing my world with you. I miss you and I’m sorry.

I know that I don’t look handsome when I wear anger on my face. Sorry for looking so ugly the other day.  

Following me has been the truth, It was hurting like a tooth. A second more, I could not deny, Not apologize was a lie.

I betrayed your trust and created my life’s biggest disaster. But now I realize that having you in my life is all that matters. I am sorry.

Best Sorry Messages For Apologize

I trust fate and I believe in love, which is why I know you’ll accept my apology. I’m sorry.

I have shown you what an idiot I can be by making that mistake. Now it is your turn to show me what a darling you can be by giving your anger a break. I am sorry.

I can’t believe how I drove us apart when all I ever wanted was for us to be together… now and forever. I am sorry.

It may be a small word, but the meaning is too deep when I say sorry. My heart also cries, makes me weep, so please forgive me! Sorry!

My heart has been leaking and bleeding since the day I hurt you. Please plug the holes with your forgiveness. I am sorry.

I don’t know what to say but to apologize for being such a jerk. I hope you look beyond this mistake and forgive me. I am Sorry!

I did not open up, but I never meant to hide anything from you. All I wanted is to not burden you with my life’s troubles and blues. I am sorry.

No matter how much we fight, I’ll always be by your side. We’ve been through too much, To let what we have slid.

Once again I write to you, The sun is shining the sky is blue and all I do is sit and think…Only about you without a blink…I’m so sorry..!

I just want to tell you a heartfelt sorry for hurting you this way, Trust me I felt so bad that I do not have words to say..I hope you will forgive me because I am really feeling bad. I am so sorry for everything.

When you really mean sorry then make it clear to them whom you hurt by your wrongdoing. Show them that you are not happy with what you have done and ask for their apology. Here is the best compilation of sorry status which will help you in such kind of situation.

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Also Feeling Guilty Over Any Mistake? Has A Say EverythinFacebook,ry Status For WhatsApp And Facebook , Facebook. Also Everyone Want Say Sorry Someone So I Am Sharing Sorry WhatsApp Status Top Sorry WhatsApp Status Quotes Lovable Sorry Status For WhatsApp Best Sorry WhatsApp Fb Status Quotes Sorry Facebook Status Quotes.


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