#Shock Salman Khan Stardom Big Slapped


Salman khan is the top in nowadays but after this news you will be shocked he again trapped in black buck victim. Salman khan successfully passed the jodhpur session court issue. but now Rajasthan government self appealed in high court against this case. And already Maharashtra government appealed in high court against salman khan on his hit and run case. ‘Shock Salman Khan Stardom Big Slapped’

Salman Khan Stardom

So now salman also having in trouble and it will affect on his stardom. Maine pyar kiya is the first film of salman khan and he debue his career by that film and after that salman does many time victim in rajasthan.

Salman Khan Stardom big slapped

salman khan again trapped in black buck victim

dearest friends this is the not happen in one time but many time salman trapped and arrested. Anyway tubelight is the upcoming movie of salman khan directed by kabir khan. Tubelight movie sohil khan plays the role of brother of salman khan and shahrukh khan doing a cameo of magician in this movie.

So may this will affect on salman khan career because this is the dangerous situation for salman khan. Bina kaak is the best friend of salman khan and helps many time to salman khan. In hit and run case proved that salman khan not driving the car bus salman khan’s driver driving the car. People said that salman khan drunk during the car driving.

Five people was dead by salman khan’s car so this is the biggest crime. So this time salman will be arrested or not just wait and watch because this time rajasthan government self appealed in high court so this is the big trouble for salman and this time bina kaak help him or not just wait and watch what will happen keep in touch. Thank you.


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