Shahrukh Khan Means Film Hit But This is a Big Trouble


Rahul dholakia says that shahrukh khan means film hit but here shahrukh khan have in big trouble. Sharukh khan does rees promotion by railway property so railway department can submit FOR against him. shahrukh khan get case by virkam sinh from kota. After raees promotion shahrukh khan return back and the train stopped on kota statation so srk fans are goes crazy and vikram sinh small soap was broken that said by vikram sinh and filled tha case file. His trolley breaks by srk fans and that is the reason why he entered case file in court.

Shahrukh Khan

shahrukh khan means film hit but this is a big trouble

police case against shahrukh khan in kota

this is not a first time shahrukh khan also gets a case file on my name is khan but my name is khan is also great movie before he also get some case file in ther movie of he ram. He ram starrer kamal hasan and shahrukh khan. this movie also get banned in bollywood.

Pk, haider and madrash café are also most disputed film of bollywood but when dispute is happen then movie is big hit. Pk and raees are the fresh example of it. So bollywood stars are always doing disputed film because this is the stunt of bollywood stars. Pk movie most disputed film of bollywood because in that film shoots hindu religion bad scene aginst this religion.

Madrash café is the film that rajiv Gandhi murder topic covered in that film and this film banned in tamilnadu. Rajiv Gandhi is the old president of india and it is the one of the best leader. Anyway now raees in trouble so now what will happen just wait and watch worldmirchi blog latest updates daily have a nice day friends.


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