Shahrukh Khan made a fix with the IT department on his Dubai property.


Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan, who owns Mahal Mannat in Mumbai. Has invested in property in Dubai, which has now come under scrutiny for taxation. The Income Tax Appellate Tribunal ITAT has recently pass a rule in which foreign companies are responsible for the fictitious rent receive through property (mostly own by high taxpayers.


In the case of entry into the tax treaty with any other country in India, The income of the tax acquire person in the other country will be first include in the Taxable bracket of income in India. On the basis of that, Shahrukh Khan appealed for a dispute, although ITAT rejected it. Those who are the property owners abroad should be careful to include fare as fare or their foreign residential assets while entering their return in India.

The real estate of Shahrukh Khan is now under the radar because the actor has been ask to include notional fare for filing IT returns in India. Though Shahrukh Khan also tried to oppose it, but ITAT rejected his plea. And in the recent decision of India only ITAT has it strengthened further. According to the bench of Amit Shukla and GS Pannu, credit for the taxes given in the UAE will be according to the law.

Shahrukh Khan has his Dubai property

He said that working with Dubai tourism has helped him “find this inspiring city in a whole new way”. As one of the upcoming upcoming, tours of Dubai Tourism, it emphasizes the promotion of relations with India in Dubai. Also, a major emphasis has been on the Indian market.

We are excite about Shahrukh Khan experience for himself to invite Indians all over the world. Shah Rukh Khan’s real estate is now under the radar. We are excite about Shah Rukh Khan’s experience for himself in Dubai to invite Indians all over the world.


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