Shah Rukh Khan On Meeting Aamir Khan Hospital We Don’t Talk Work


A Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan Hospital and Shahrukh Khan may have to pray a little harder for people to pray combo, In a recent interview, did not get to talk about the two actors. We do not talk about work; we have not spoken for years. He was in town. Aamir Khan Hospital He is the only town; I have been in town and in the last 2-3 months. Nothing in the house but sometimes, there is nothing wise we have discussed.

Aamir Khan Hospital

Recently, ‘Raees’ star Aamir Khan Hospital had visited his residence on his 52 birthday, and speculation is rife. Shah Rukh jokingly said, “I just hug everyone, that’s all. I just hug everyone, that’s all. It was her birthday. I just want it to be and wanted to spend some time with him. While Aamir Khan Hospital is busy Vijay Krishna Acharya’s shooting. When questioned on working with each other, both have really never given a nod, Earlier, Aamir Khan Hospital what they are collaborating on a project.

What we met after a long time. It felt wonderful spending time with her. Recently there was a place to get together. We as just friends, casually sitting, we do not discuss work. We have spoken about for years. He was in town and so do I. They are at home in the last two to three times. But we have spoken about the work.

Shah Rukh Khan And Aamir Khan Hospital

Khan added. Superstars Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan Hospital expression hardly ever, Two decades of his career appeared to be much friendlier than they were exciting without closing. But it appears everything has changed recently. Netflix having dinner with the CEO and his team last week, We do not talk about work because of the quotes SRK. Aamir Khan Hospital to be among the guests at the 52 birthday, recently two actors from each other, which is undeniable speculation.

Have been spending a lot of time in a project and emphasizes that they do not have any hint towards cooperation. Aamir Khan Hospital The actor, in fact, says that they have been meeting for “personal” year, Nanavati 51-year-old actor spoke with a special bone marrow transplant at the Media Center and Birthing Center opening at the super specialty hospital. His family has been treated here has a long standing relationship with the hospital.

Spoke about the importance of regular check-ups. If you meet with your doctor, and get to the Czech-up, everything is good. I think that we do not do it. We still have regular check-ups that do not have the culture of our country. We should have it. Actor did not get to work. “We do not talk about work, we have not spoken for years, and Recently, Raees star Aamir Khan Hospital visited his residence on his 52 birthday. And speculation is rife that he might come up with a film.


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