Sarkar 3 Movie Review And storyline, Cast, Directed By Ram Gopal Varma


When was the last time Ram Gopal Varma made a semi-decent film? Nine years ago, with the Sarkar 3’s sequel, the Sarkar 3 Movie is called Raj, which I liked better than the original. After this, it has been a stable slide downhill, with just a weird movie, which was facing a brightness of old Ramu.

Sarkar 3 Movie

Hope you hope in the third part of the Sarkar 3 that it will revive RGV but it should not be the best about Sarkar 3 that it is not terrible like not a love story, and no, anywhere No, like the fire of Ram Gopal Varma. However, this is a small consolation for a film, which helps a heavyweight artist led by Amitabh Bachchan, Manoj Bajpayee, and Jackie Shroff, and was directed by a director who repeated the gangster and horror genre in Indian cinema.

Sarkar 3 has reproduced the nominal character of Subhash Nagar alias Govt., Which is an engrossing hidden version of Bal Thackeray, which Amitabh Bachchan played for the first time in 2005.

The Sarkar 3, in its flowing black robes, opposite the white beard, Rudraksh Moti, around the neck, is both respected and fearful of its territory and their enemies: she is not an elected representative, but she does not have much power compared to those people, Ministry.

In the third part of the series, the number of enemies has increased, and in each stage, shows a new challenge. There is a thunderstorm Manoj Bajpai, a clever Rohini Hattangdi, a crazy wimping Jackie Shroff, which appears to be hanging with a bikini, wore unnecessary bake for the most part, and other types of things.

Worked in previous versions of the Sarkar 3 because Bachchan was given the impression of competing opponents and a story. Here, RGV completely shares the plot with such things as it is known about Munafu Punch by reducing its characters from mouth-driven dialogues. He also surrounds Amitabh with Amitabh, along with the youth, who is wrong as Shivaji, who will be the immortal-grand-son-the Sarkar 3, as his loyal lieutenant, Ronit Roy is capable but familiar, where is the novelty?

And what is Yami Gautam doing in this film, besides displaying gentle soft eyes, and some non-speech scenes that do not add anything? What is that bad-sketch bit part of?

Sarkar 3 Movie Review

Bachchan shows the character of that great actor which he may be. But the way his concept and role of his Sarkar 3 has been played is making captive: instead of speaking. It is spoken instead of speaking. And there are moments where the director RGV’s glow is seen. When they used to pull out the films filled with creative leaping, and crazy flowers.

Sarkar 3 (2005) third film of franchise opens with a special Ram Gopal Varma Punchline, which we hope will return to its comfort zone and top rank.

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Subhash Nagar (Amitabh Bachchan) is still the owner of the surroundings. But there is a slight variation in his style and functioning. But unlike Sarkar 3 1 and 2, they have started to react more about the people around them. This is a beautiful change for a character who understands the delicate relationship between politics and democracy. She still tilts the tea, talks with the long interruptions and makes guests feel uncomfortable in their eyes.

Soon all the important characters get so much coalition that it becomes difficult to understand. Who is in whose favor only one thing is clear that the life of the citizen is a serious threat.

It’s a familiar set-up, you can also see some twists. But with the depth of your heart, you still want Subhash Nagare to go back to his original shelf. The person we loved as Godfather of Bollywood was a mixture of emotional and different in the first two films. He did not believe in expressing his inner thoughts but managed to present a positive picture. Being Verbose was not his way.

Sarkar 3 movie storyline

Bachchan’s dialogue writers make a mistake here. He has given them very superficial lines, he keeps repeating lines like ‘Joon from Moore Dungeon’ and ‘Main Drama Kar Raha. Which ultimately reduces the essence of having a problem with words. It disrupts your gravity.

The script presents other flaws the Sarkar 3 also used to work because the intensity of Rashid (Zakir Hussain) made Nagare its game. Here, lack of such challenges, Jackie Shroff, his biggest condemnation, is more fun than evil. But there is an interesting curve in his character. With his young girlfriend, his strange-worded marines provide a great deal of relief. However, this whole plan comes at the cost of looking at non-serious.

Amol Rathod’s camera work wants to take inspiration from Amit Roy but it lacks cleverness. The oddly held props make some scenes exaggerated because you keep focusing on them instead of focusing on the characters. For example, in the drawing room of Nagar, there is a small laden toy lion that is kept oddly on the film. I do not know how TV sees? And remember you, this is a room with enough space.

The success of the Sarkar 3 is dependent on Amitabh Bachchan’s charisma, and he knows his character with heart. Regardless of the tasting dialogue in the opening sequence. He takes care of us, the same can be said about Ronit Roy, who shines in an emotional confrontation with the citizen.

But there is a good thing about the Sarkar 3. Ram Gopal Varma is one step closer to regaining his touch. Veerappan showed that he was not out of the game, and Sarkar 3 3 suggested that he was on the return. The artists of a great artist should be appreciated.

Sarkar 3 movie Cast

  1. Amitabh Bachchan
  2. Subhash Nagre
  3. Yami Gautam
  4. Annu Karkare
  5. Jackie Shroff
  6. Michael Vallya
  7. Manoj Bajpayee
  8. Govind Deshpande
  9. Ronit Roy
  10. Gokul Satam
  11. Amit Sadh
  12. Shivaji Nagre
  13. Rohini Hattangadi
  14. Rukku Bai Devi
  15. Bharat Dabholkar
  16. Gorakh Rampur
  17. Bajrangbali Singh
  18. Gandhi
  19. Parag Tyagi



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