Sana Shaikh: After Opportunity I Intentionally Touch Shahrukh Khan


Yes I know this is very funny but it’s true. Dangal super star sana shaikh said that talk of heart. Fatima sana shaikh is the biggest fan of shahrukh khan and he said when diwali party aamir khan and shahrukh khan talking together and I am with those and aamri khan showing photographs of dangal to shahrukh khan and then shahrukh khan kidding with aamir and intentionally touched shahrukh khan with big laugh. I know this is not good but I am very happy because shahrukh khan is the favorite star.

sana shaikh

Sana shaikh: after opportunity I intentionally touch shahrukh khan

Fatima sana shaikh said big talk

That is the gold time for me because srk was there and I am with him on diwali party. I am touch sharukh khan that is biggest talk for me. And that is special second for me. Anyway Fatima sana shaikh said that he have no new projects now but if someone offer role so she will do it. After dangal movie he is the not star but super star.

She said I am inspired by shahrukh khan and I will takes more advice when she will do any project of bollywood and now she is a free so may soon she will start new project in bollywood. Aamir khan dangal movie bets many films and now he is the no. 1 film but still behind from pk in worldwide collection. Worldwide collection is more important for any movie.

Someone said dangal is the same movie to sultan but it is not true and result in front of you. I know you 70% people watched dangal movie and I know it is the far better movie than other. Anyway sultan is the also best movie but here you cannot compare anyone.


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