salman khan said to me: “I hit slap to you”


Yes salman khan becomes angry when people say him uncle or bhai. Varun dhawan said salman khan is my favorite and I grew up watching films of salman khan. salman khan slap to 7 year kid? Absolutely no but 7 year kid said about that and that kid is varun dhawan. Varun said un cle to salman khan and salman said tell me bhai I am not your uncle otherwise I slap you. Varun is perfect salman and govinda. And he follows these two stars.

salman said

salman khan said to me: “I hit slap to you”

salman said to varun dhawan don’t call me uncle

salman khan said in in one interview that bhai story when started? First sohil khan calls him bhai and then sohil khan’s friends also started to tell salman khan to bhai. And he noticed slowly that everyone started calling him bhai. Sometime he says I am not bhai I am not underworld don so don’t call me bhai.

He said I have four sisters and two brothers excluding those I am not bhai of anyone. Sometime girls also call bhai to salman khan.  he said my name is salman khan and it is very beautiful name so you should respect that name but people started calling bhai so he does not like that word.

He already said to sunil shetty, neel nitin, uppen and shweta tivari that don’t call me bhai. Anyway this is the story of salman khan how become a bhai and uncle? So after this you should tell gim with another name or real name but don’t call him bhai or uncle.

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