Salman Khan Shared Super Photographs of Tubelight Upcoming Movie


Yes tubelight is the great movie and most discussed movie after raees. In tubelight salman khan, sohil khan and shahrukh khan are come together and films plot and story have a super and some critic said it was inspired by Hollywood movie little boy. And little boy is the block buster movie of Hollywood so no doubt with salman this movie will do everything. And it is eligible to break a record of dangal movie. Well now raees is the most trednign movie now and if that will not release with kaabil then it must bmust break all records of dangal.


salman khan shared super photographs of tubelight

tubelight movie inspired by Hollywood movie little boy

freidns raj kumar hirani said only khan can break rrecord of khan so here we need to know that tubelight is the next movie that can break record of dangal. You know pk is the still highest groser bollywopod film and still have in no. 1 position worldwide. In this photograph salman hug a small kid. It is the film of war indo – chin war. This war is the also biggest war of the histpry of india.

Kaargil war is the most popular war in Indian history and that war started between india and Pakistan. This film is directed by kabir khan. Shahrukh khan is the also part of this film and doing a magician role in this film. After this photograph of salman khan, no doubt it is the next biggest block buster movie of bollywood after raees. Anyway this film is created to brother aur son and fans know this time they get something new from salman khan.

Kabir khan is the most successful director also we can hope from him. Anyway now just wait and watch what happen in future and what not happen. We can only see and that’s it.


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