Salman Khan Planned to Increase His Stardom: Shahrukh, Aamir Don’t know About it


Today three khans tryng to beats each other but both have awesome talent but now salman planned to try something different.and that is salman khan launched the application and the name is being in touch app.when aamir khan and sahhrukh khan not launched any app. But you know this become a very popular in just a five months. So salman khan also happy from your fans.

Salman Khan

salman khan planned to increase his stardom: shahrukh, aamir don’t know about it

salman khan launched his being touch android app

salman khan not only launched the app but also other stars also launched andorid application but salmna beats every records. Salman owned the company named being human managing this application. Snam kapoor another popular actress and she also launched the andorid application.and you know sunny leone is not behind she also have andorid application.

Farhan akhter also launched this application and keep in touch with their fans. These all android not a normal applications but that all applications are real time application you can get all updates before.

So salman khan is topper in this field. Also salman have more 100 crore club films than other. Salman has totsl ten films of 100 crore club and those two hans have low films than salman so salman khan win the race. Akshay kumar also participated in this race because his last year is steaming year.

Now shahrukh film the ring is coming so just wait and watch what will do. AND YOU KNOW THIS IS The bad time for shahrukh khan because his films are not doing well in india. Every people know that he is biggest movie star in the world but he do not have any value on his won i]country india. Anyway keep visiting and keep reading.


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