Raveena Tandon takes on the rape issue headlong, upcoming film


Hello, Friends welcome to The worldmirchi.com blog and I am Vinay Patel. Today I want to share something special with you, and it is Raveena Tandon takes on the rape issue headlong, upcoming film. In his forthcoming film Matar, Raveena Tandon takes a ruthless force to the subject of rape. This film opens some ugly truth about the way in which a rape victim has failed in the judicial system. Emotionally, Raveena says, “This is a topic that I feel strongly about.


I have three daughters (two of them are adopts) and I worry about their safety. And why daughters? Sons are now safe? Is anyone safe now anybody? We claim politicians that women are responsible for inciting rapists, can you imagine the depth of sadness that our politicians have fallen down? When a 30-year-old woman was rap in Bangalore’s Tennis Club, the Karnataka Home Minister want to know why she was playing tennis at 9.30 hrs.

Raveena Tandon believes that cases of rape are increasing every year. “If we do not take drastic steps, if we do not create fear of God and justice in potential rapes, then I am afraid that the rape figures will increase. But how can rapists be the effect when the fearless militant Mohammad Afroz is the most cruel. The person was declared a teenager, who was treated with child gloves in prison, gave a sewing machine and rehabilitation as a tailor Orgone.

They were ultimately accused of having links with a terrorist organization. If so, what happens to the brutal rapists, I only ask the elders of the primitive cultures to go to their wild oats when they come under juvenile laws?

Raveena Tandon takes on the rape issue headlong in her upcoming film

Veena believes that the law should be chang to fall rape figures. “I have done extensive research for my role and I feel that we need very strong rules, we also need clerics and priests to stop blaming the length of women’s skirt for rape. Tandon met the mother of Nirbhaya in Delhi, in which the matter is established. “She told me something which I can never forget; she said that everyone has the attention. That his daughter’s rape and murder had gone for four days. From the fifth day, she was in her battle for justice from her daughter. His tears have not yet dried, they will never do.

Raveena believes that her role in weeds has changed her life. “This is an experience which has kept me moving. We need a great improvement in the laws of rape, our viewers. Will think that the film puts in inconvenient facts.


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