Rangoon Re-Edited To Fell Slicker, 70 Changes Made Re-Sent To The Censor Board


Rangoon have been release on 24 Feb 2017. A passionate and lyrical romance, superb performances and heart-wrenching drama – there are just a few of the reviews that Kangna Ranaut, Shahid Kapoor and Saif Ali khan-Starrer Rangoon is gating from bollywood celebs. The period film set during the World War 2 has gone through a change never witnessed in our films. Post censoring Rangoon have gone through more editing and submitted this weekend for re-censoring.


According to sources in the know the film’s length has been reduced by a further 13 minutes. The source, “70 shots have been removed from the film after it was censored and certified a month ago. The original length of the film was 2 hours 47 minutes after censoring. Now it is 2 Hours 34 minutes. The product looks slicker and feels lighter. When the censor board members saw it they immediately warmed up to the re-edited product.”

A source from the CBFC on condition of anonymity said, “I think the earlier version of Rangoon have done too early. This have done to make it to some film festivals. Newly edited it came to us on Monday and we loved it.”

The film underwent a re-edit by the makers and submitted to the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC aka the Censor Board) for re-certification. Sources in the know say the film’s running time is now shorter by 13 minutes.

Rangoon Movie Review

Rangoon movie is great movie on this month, the great opening on first day. Made at a budget of around Rs 40 crore, Rangoon is a most expensive film of Vishal Bhardwaj. According to trade’s expectations, the film should earn between Rs 5 to 7 crore on day one. From there on, its performance depends on the reviews and word-of-mouth publicity. While Kangana is getting kudos for her stellar performance in the film. Kangana says that, “This is a business proposition so, all you want is that the investments should be recover. With every film, there is this expectation of doing Rs 100 crore that I find vulgar. But it should be a beneficial business proposition for everyone.”


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