What Rangoon Movie Gives 100 Crore Club to Shahid?


Here we talks about shahid kapoor and shahid kapoor is different star then other. Rangoon movie is the another best movie and it will gives to shahid kapoor another 100 croe club film or not just wait and watch because first day collection is low than expected. Today many stars gives 300  crore films forget 1000 crore but here what? Shahid kapoor do not have any 100 crore club film though the shahid kapoor also have talent to makes 100 crore.

Rangoon Movie

what Rangoon movie gives 100 crore club to shahid?

Shahid kapor do not have any 100 crore club film

Anyway here is the list of top 5 films of shahid kapoor. Shahid kapoor performing in Bollywood more than 14 years but shahid kapoor do not have any film which entered in 100 crore club. Shahid kapoor gives many best films but still his movie does not earning more than 70 crore.

  1. R rajkumar ( 2013 ) : – 64 crores.
  2. Haider ( 2014 ) : – 58.30 crores.
  3. Udta Punjab ( 2016 ) : – 59.60 crores.
  4. Kaminey ( 2009 ) : – 43 crore.
  5. Shandar ( 2015 ) : – 42 crore.

So here Rangoon film can becomes a most highest earning movie of shahid kapoor because film’s publicity and story is awesome it will crose 100 crores easily.  Shahid is the talented actor and gives many super hit small budget movies. His acting in r rajkumar movie is awesome acting ever still he not gives any 100 crore club.

People should give Attention to shahid because shahid kapoor is the best actor and future of Bollywood. People said that this movies wins many award but just wait and keep watching latest updates by worldmirchi.


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