Ram Gopal Verma Provoked To Fight Against Each Other, The Electric Jamwal And Tiger Shroff Respond


Hello, Friends welcome to The worldmirchi.com blog and I am Vinay Patel. Today I want to share something special with you, and it is Ram Gopal Verma Provoked To Fight Against Each Other, The Electric Jamwal And Tiger Shroff Respond. Ram Gopal Varma somehow manages to take himself into disputes. In his recent rant, the filmmaker again targeted Tiger Shroff and also included the Power Jamwal. In a series of tweets, RGV has told them who is better among them, asked to challenge each other openly in a fight to find out.


The Ram Gopal Varma called him in a drunken smile, Vidyayutha Jamwal did not respond. He talked to RGV and leaked his personal conversation on Twitter with “forget the Shaolin Monica style, check out RGV Zoom in”. In the audio clip, RGV incited electricity to fight with the tiger.

He also refers to the heroisms as a transgender and says. Electricity, you are the greatest person in my life. Tiger Shroff is the biggest woman in my life. The bottom line is whether you can eliminate the tiger shirt or not? “She also abused Tiger during her conversation.

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When Tiger Shroff was approached to comment on RGV’s harsh words, he said that he has seen the tweets and laughed at him. He said RGV very random. Addressing Vidya in the form of sir, he said that he and the school are martial artists. And the first rule of martial arts is that they do not use it in the aggressive form. He told that he would not want to use martial arts to fight anybody.

The Electric Jamwal And Tiger Shroff Respond

Tiger Shroff also insisted that Ram Gopal Verma and Pradhan Zumwalt are his seniors. And he does not want to talk to them too. When asked about RGV that they should be labeled as a woman, they said that Ramu has the freedom of speech so that he can say what he wants. They told that they have not heard the recording and do not want to comment on it.

The electricity collector highlighted about his entire Twitter Sheet and some light about Tiger Shroff and which went down on the call. He told that RGV had invited him to discuss some ideas on Monday and admire him and his work. Later, they asked to ask for electricity. Whether they have read their tweets. He said that he had gone through them and asked him why he would make such a comment. Electricity also informed that the recording was kept with RGV’s permission.

However, Ram Gopal Varma later apologized to both actors, saying, “Though it was done in my usual joke, I apologize to both Jiddah and Iitigherroaf for the sake of irritability.”

Talking about the audio clip, RGV tweeted my power fund, “I do not want to disclose anything extraordinary for myself, I would like to thank myself Vidyut Jamwal, but I myself I am truly grateful for my change to highlight. I want to apologize to Bruce Lee, the way I am not educated to me.


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