Ram Gopal Varma Get Candid Sarkar 3 Trailer launch


The cast of ‘Sarkar 3’ and the film’s producers gathered for the launch of the trailer.Amitabh Bachchan and Rohini Hattangadi reprise their roles from the earlier films.On being asked how it feels to be a part of the successful franchise, Yami express her gratitude to RGV. Amit answered the same question by saying, With utmost humility and gratitude, I don’t have the capacity to ‘choose’ this film. It wants me to put in more in my performance.Sarkar 3 Trailer Watch now..

Sarkar 3 Trailer

Jaggu Dada also remarked on joining the Sarkar universe, Why wouldn’t anyone work on a film like Sarkar? Ramu has handled me well in the past in Rangeela. He made me look so good. Speaking about the senior Bachchan, he recalled an incident from the sets of Baklava, For an action sequence, Sanjay Dutt s character was beating me up and I did not have my shield to protect me. AB offered me his own character’s shield. Jackie shared his excitement to pair up again with Amitabh,

Ram Gopal Varma: Sarkar 3 Trailer Doesn’t Have Anything That All Make Pahlaj Nihalani Angry


All discussions with the director must happen off the sets.Ramu added that the film is more or less an independent story from the last 2 films. On the film’s progression, Amitabh said, It was natural for us to do a third film.

Whether he believes what his character in the film says, Rajneeti daldal hai, Bachchan said, I’ve done more than 200 films in my career. Don’t relate my character’s statements with my off screen personality. We often say things written by others, in which we may not believe in.

Ram Gopal Varma never minces words while expressing his views against the CBFC and Pahlaj Nihalani. But the filmmaker has assured that his movie Sarkar 3 doesn’t have anything that will upset the Censor Board chief. Varma, however, is unperturbed as he is confident that the movie will be cleared without any hitch. I don’t think Sarkar 3 has any material which should anger Pahlaj Nihalani. Recently, Nihalani said in an. Ram Gopal Varma, Sarkar 3 Trailer

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