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CAST: Shah Rukh Khan, Mahira Khan, Nawazudd Siddiqui

DIRECTION: Rahul Dholakia

GENER: Action

DURATION: 2 hours 35 minutes

Raees Movie Review


This film directed by Rahul Dholakia and produced by Farhan Akhtar, Ritesh Sidhwani and Gauri Khan. The film criticizes the prohibition of alcohol, prostitution and illegal drugs in Gujarat.Carrying that legacy forward is Raees. When ACP Majmudar is posted in his area, he meets his equal. Raees forms a nexus with politicians who fuel his business, but he soon became the thorn in their side.

That the story line is inspired by true story events that it’s based on a real life character.Frankly I am not the right person to comment on the authenticity of character/episodes depicted in the movie or verify the speculations, but as a moviegoer,I must confess RAEES did transport me to its world.

Raees is typing to beat the system and succeed on his terms. His natural flair for entrepreneurship and never sy die determination while achieving his goals makes him both loved and eared. Nawazuddin Siddiqui a cop, who vows to eliminate crime and his empire.

Raees Movie Review

Raees review:

The first half is well placed it draws you in and makes you root for the bootlegger Majmudar’s one liners and the music whet your appetite and ‘Laila Main Laila’ sequence ups the ante. The movie takes a rough path there on, and the long runtime makes the ride bumpier.

Shah Rukh Khan has never looked better, the film lies entirely on his shoulders and he carries the weight most of the times. Nawazuddin Siddiqui steps in with his cracking performance in the trademark Nawaz style he delivers some comic relif while playing the Tom to Khan’s Jerry.  Mahira Khan  was to soften the baddie, it lost on the viewer.

Dialogue are aimed at the masses, Lineslike ‘Baniye Ka Dimaag Aur Miyanbhai Ki Daring’ and ‘Ammi Jaan Kehti Thi, Koi Dhanda Chota Nahi Hota Aur Dhande Se Bada Koi Dharam Nahi Hota’ have found resonance amongst viewers already, And action sequences pack a solid punch.

The movie can feel a bit long, but if you’re going for a great SRK performance and some good popcorn entertainment it might just Raees the occasion.

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STORY: 3/5

MUSIC: 3.5/5


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