Raees Movie Banned in Pakistan: see Here Reason


Raees movie blast in bollywood and within sometime it will enter in 150 crore club. Raees and kaabil is the biggest clash of 2017 and first clash though raees and kaabil movie already has in profit. According Pakistan censor board in raees movie used bad things against Muslims so we cannot show this movie in Pakistan and then finally banned this movie in Pakistan. Mahir khan is the heroine of this movie though this movie banned in Pakistan and kaabil released in pakistan.

raees movie

raees movie banned in Pakistan: see here reason

Shahrukh khan and mahira khan starrer raees film banned in Pakistan

Raees movie was occurring to 10 february. Pakistan censor board checked this movie up to 3 days and then said this movie against muslim so we cannot release this movie in Pakistan because this movie have a bad content against muslims.

This film created on business of alcohol and alcohol is the restricted for islam. And this movie contains many bad things so paskitan censor board totally rejected this movie. Kaabil movie released one day ago and performing very well in Pakistan and now kaabil movie director and actor are happy for releasing in Pakistan.

Kaabil movie does good business in Pakistan and Pakistani people likes this film. Also this movie does not have disputed content so it is common thing to release.

Indian censor board deleted some scenes in raees but Pakistan censor board deleted total film and this is the very bad news for rahul dholakiya, mahri khan and shahrukh khan. May rahul dholakiya will say about this and we are waiting for his answer.

Anyway here we will update latest news about raees. Keep visiting and keep reading worldmirchi news blog. Now what will happen? We can just wait and watch.


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