Raees First Review Out: Raees is Next Blockbuster Movie


raees movie is released in UAE and US andget super response there and raees first review is out. Umar sindhu said, “it is the another blockbuster movie after chak de india and my name is khan” it’s story is also great story then kaabil. Critics said, “kaabil movie have a same story like ghajini and if you watched ghajini then you do not need to watch kaabil”. Hritik roshan giving a flops back to back and look at on srk then shahrukh khan also gives average movie since Ra one. He tried unique style and look in every film. Hritik roshan last film bang bang is hit movie. Anyway hritik and shahrukh khan both are needs at least one hit because this is very bad time for them.

Raees movie review

Raees first review Out: Raees is next blockbuster movie

Raees VS kaabil Review of both movie by critics

Shahrukh khan stardom is the biggest power of him then hritik. Hrtiik do not more films then sahrukh kahn and shahrukh khan have total super hit movie is amount of hritik roshan total movie. So here is the biggest difference between these two actors. Anyway tomorrow 25 janury raees and kaabil are going to release so what movie is best you can see tomorrow and you can decide what to watch. You need to see kaabil movie review also because you can approx that quality.

Raees movie criticized by UAE critics and other film makers and they said this is the super hit movie and if this movie release without class then it is eligible to collect 300+ crores. But now it is not possible because Kaabil movie is also have a great plot and story with great music so kaabil collect 80 crores. So raees get loss of 80 crores from kaabil. Anyway we need to wait and watch what happen tomorrow.


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