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Hello, Friends welcome to the worldmirchi blog and I am Vinay Patel. Today I want to share something special with you, and it is Phillauri film Dey1 Box Office Collection and review, Cast. Phillauri Film Dey1 Box Office Collection: For the past few weeks, Bollywood has not been good. The only hit is the bride of Badrinath. But many have become disappointed. Anushka Sharma and Diljeet Dosanjh are playing the role. There is no value other than star. Apart from this, Diljeet Dosanjh is also included. This is a big star in Punjab.

Phillauri Film

Although the discussion around the film is quite small, some business experts believe it. Anushka Sharma’s movie is generally good. Because Anushka Sharma is on the winning streak, Exhibition Officer Akshay Rathi said, “It would be selective, massive multiplex which will see a wide release in 1200 screens in India and should be. Considering the appeal of the film, Fulodi earn Rs 3 crore on the first day. On the other hand, Amod Mehra, Had a different idea. If it’s like 3 crore, so it would be a miracle. There is absolutely no point. It should be only in the media. I am a Good start is not very visible.

It would be better at the beginning because I should start day 1 like Rs 3 crore. It all depends on the content and if it is good then it is good. So the film can do well in the weekend too, But by the evening. If the word of mouth is positive, so it can improve. We do not know how film is boring or interesting.

Phillauri Film Diljit Dosanjh review

Phillauri is a loose film that failed to swallow audiences. Most of the first half bits in bits only Anushka smiles and cries, or when Phulodi and Shashi set fire to screen with their heart-warming chemistry. Nothing is scary than falling in love and the ghost of your memories keeps getting together. But Kanan is experiencing a more specific type of ghostly. She is not disturbed by the memories of a former lover, but in love by the real ghost of another ghost. As a result of this marriage, Shashi is bound to Kanan, who is required to find a way to take care of the unfinished business, which makes him the reason to roam around him

Movie of Phillauri is a winner and it was very clear from the trailer. The idea is spectacularly original, culturally, and has great potential in it. The problem is that, in the trailer you see only a few more hilarious. Exciting one line plot develops in a two and a half hour film that is full of romantic film tropes. The invisibility of the ghosts can only be laughing. The story between Sasha’s past and the presence of Kanan suddenly appears. Spiritual songs are easy on the ears, but emphasizing their eyes by adding runtime.

Phillauri Film review

Love and love in Metering Prasad’s helplessness and despair is dear. Diljeet Dosanjh brought his trademark goodness into a defamed role. It is a bit slow, and allows the scenes to last as much as they need. I found impatient in many places, and although Suraj Sharma and Mehrin Pirzada keep an eye on the eyes and are very easy for them, surrounded by large Punjabi families. And a horrified female ghost that brings festivals only after the commencement. These three characters have kept the first act of Phillauri. This is seen in the middle of being lightly entertaining and entertaining. Filler is a rural outpost in Punjab.

First, we should clean the air on the basis of our trailers of Phillauri. The discussion about this matter has been discussed in depth in the discussion of how many Anshai Lal’s flowers are borrowed from Tim Burton’s bride’s corpse. And seeing the feelings of their perplexity for their flowers, this film grows towards life.

Phillauri Film Cast

  • Anushka Sharma
  • Diljit Dosanjh
  • Suraj Sharma
  • Mehreen Pirzada


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