Movie Ektar Vidya Balan Learns To Shoot The Rifle In 10 Days


Hello, Friends welcome to The blog and I am Vinay Patel. Today I want to share something special with you, and it is Vidya Balan Learns To Shoot The Rifle In 10 Days. While the actors go through extensive preparations for those on-screen roles. But Vidya Balan was not different to play the role of a strong protagonist in Begum Jan, the drama of the upcoming time. When she plays the role of Madam of a brothel, so the film will be fighting for her home and family for which she will also be using rifles. According to a recent report. The actress is passing through professional training and the technique. Has been detected within a fortnight.

Vidya Balan

We heard that Vidya Balan learned to use heavy rifles as well as ride a horse for an action sequence in Begum Jan and she also found. The director of the film Shreejit Mukherjee within a span of 10 days. The manner in which the actress had approved immediately. When she told him that she had to handle a gun, In fact, He further said. That all women had to be trained to use guns because they had to fire rifles to save themselves after the film’s climax and they had to look comfortable with them.

Vidya Balan Learns To Shoot The Rifle In 10 Days

It is being said that allotment of a room for special women gang. Was to be closed, practised, loaded in the office of special films, and they were allotted to practice with fake pills during a shooting in Jharkhand. Apart from this, Vidya will be seen using the words worn very much. Being a remake of the critically acclaimed Bengali film Rajkahini, Begum Jan has set apart stars Pallavi Sharda. Ila Arun, Gauhar Khan and others in the earlier era of independence. The film is expected to be released on April 14.

Shreejeet recalls, “Vidya and other girls had to set fire to those old rifles for the sequence of climax. They also needed to ride armed horses and even ride horses, so all of them. The women were especially comfortable in running the gun.The women, especially Vidya, did a great job to work them. It is ready for just 10 days.


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