Noor Movie 2017 Director, Sunhil Sippy, Review, Storyline


Noor wants to join issue-based journalism. But so far have not solved their own issues, between a faulty love life, daily struggles with a staunch career and weight, she finds her emotional story.


Look at this part; this is the most disappointing thing about Noor that gives the movie the chance to be a real meat and bone person. She is based in the form of a girl who swears by her rum (and hangover). Eats cakes in bed (and is scaring weight scale) and becomes the third wheel on a friend’s date (while cursing his life). We’ve all been there.

Noor (Sinha) wants a light glow on serious issues. But the media puff piece is trapped in the torch. His childhood friend Sad (Gill) gives his pipe-conversation with friendship. And his master (Chaudhary) makes them very excited about the new kings. Even as soon as he is coming in words from his new boyfriend, Ion (Kohli), his maid Malti (copper) has brought a large organ rack to notice.

Director Sunil Sippy has achieved rare achievement in the media of being Orthodox people. There is a quick relationship with Noor’s world; her friends are stupid like you their issues are often stupid, but their quarterly life crisis looks trustworthy. The film is written above a bit (there are lots of conversations), but the lines are mostly fun since the film gets the rights of this generation. Therefore, they should meet their imperfections properly.

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Noor introduces a struggle that is serious and relevant. But offers very little through proposition, it unconsciously accepts the chair activation and cannot be included in the form of lazy writing at the end, as a representative of our time. A little strenuous effort of the hero can inspire the film to greatness.

Noor Bollywood Movie 2017

But where noor falls, Sinha rises on this occasion. Gill brings light to the film. And Smith’s copper saves more than half the screen-time well.

This is the first major start in Sonakshi’s career after seven years. And for this, you should go to the theater in Noor. Google Translate for Business: Translator Toolkit Website Translator Global Market Finder.

Noor is easy on the eyes, but laughed loudly to cry a lot from the movie that it could have happened. I did not read Karachi of Saba Imia, you are killing me! But on the basis of this book, Noor of Sunil Sippy is scattered with an uneasy voice and duration. And, after starting, a slight glow, disappointing downhill promises all kinds of promises till the end of the Nor Cascade. I wonder how many books have been lost in the adaptation of the book.

Despite all the speculation, things are joking at all, look at Bridget Jones and Sex in the City Fashion, laugh, attitude a long, fast, loud voice of Hollywood Noor Roy Chaudhary (Sonakshi Sinha)  a decisive, a decisive geyser, your Cruel father (MKerena), cordial maid, personal cat, dear friend (Kanan Gill) and Zara (Shivani Dandekar)) and once idealistic but now the comet owner as an audience Elate meanwhile.


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