Mother Movie Review level Raveena Tandon starter Disenchants


Hello, Friends welcome to The blog and I am Vinay Patel. Today I want to share something special with you, and it is Mother Movie Review level Raveena Tandon starter Disenchants. Quentin Tarantino set a benchmark for the revenge thriller when he decided to create a series on a woman’s retribution – Kill Bill. With Uma Thurman, who sought revenge.

Mother Movie

The Mother Movie set a benchmark in the form of a central character with a heroine for the stylish crime thriller. Bollywood has started playing on this formula with movies such as Rival Rana Mardani and Now Matter. Starring Ravenna Tendon as a wounded mother to fight the prejudices of society instead of the brutal death of her little girl, Matar tries to fit everything in the same conspiracy line. Thus ends with a meaningful heart in the strange dirt.

The film tells the story of a woman. Who rapes the gang by a group of influential men? Her daughter is also raped and killed by men. After facing his fear and facing the negligence of the police, he takes this matter into his own hands. And thus give a very powerful statement. A mother can go to any time to avenge her children. This movie starts on a very legendary note. Without giving too many details, let’s just say that Mater tries to control the issue of rape as well as the insensitivity of the police against rape and abusive victims.

Speaking about the performance, Raveena Tandon Mother Movie is quite average in the form of a rape survivor and a warrior mother lore. There are such scenes where pain occurs once. But then he is cut off in improper gym sequences that hurt his sorrow. Diva must have performed worthy of winning the nation award.

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But Mater is not one of them. Rita (friend of Vida) as Divya Jag dale and again as Anurag Aurora Inspector Jay ant Sheriff, on average, are so lax with some scenes that you do not want to hear the uniform dialogue distribution of actors. As Madhur Mittal, Apurv Malik is the villain of the story of hatred. And is the only average actor in the Mother Movie.

Mother Movie Review level Raveena Tandon

He hates you with the first scene if the director wants to feel the viewer. The only truly authentic character in the film is a guard who appears on screen for 5 minutes. The Mother Movie is about 30 minutes too long. Where is spent in the first six months in a very heavy way you feel the pain and weakness of education, which was established in the first few minutes. The music of the Mother Movie is another burden. Which forces you to roll your eyes? Whenever there is more than the screaming of the victim criminals, Vidya kills.

Overall, this Mother Movie is made with a good intention. And the police (through interrogation) and society (through statements) show a mirror of insensitivity in front of the rape victims. However, what can be the masterpiece of an art in every way, there is a chain of long series with clerks and want adventures in the wrong places. Trying to fit all the anger into a 2.5-hour long film makes it a mistake and breaks the thriller’s fun by adding it wrongly.

Despite the relevant Mother Movie, the weeds become frustrated at many levels. An experienced or experienced director must have turned this into a masterpiece. Because of their all elements in hard working, entertaining crime drama thriller in it. We are going with two of the five stars for film intentions and materials.


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