Mona Darling Movie 2017 Star Crew And Cast, Release Date, Trailer


Which have been left in the film? Release Date: 17 March predictable part 2017rahasyamaya. One can also find international film ‘friend request’ lighter connection.Mona Darling Well, it all starts to find out when it releases on 2017 until the 17th of February, so this one sight was necessary for a trailer.

Mona Darling

The entire first half goes on a snail pace, trying to establish the main plot. It hardly picks up its pace in the second half and lead towards a trashy type of ending, which could have been presented in much dignified manner Trailer. However, here’s what we think is happening in the movie. The story of Mona Darling revolves around Mona Darling, of course. Mona is a bubbly, independent girl enjoying the fun college years.

Mona Darling Movie 2017 Trailer

The makers try hard to create the curiosity factor, but fails miserably. Everything seems forced and abruptly placed in The Mona Darling movie Trailer. The thriller part is highly missing and is more of a wait and watch type of drama, where one does expect to see some drastic change happening in the screenplay. The background music is jarring at times. The whole purpose of the film is diluted due to forc inquisitiveness in the film.

Anshuman Jha is average and acts only with one type of expression in the film. Divya Menon is decent, but lacks the screen presence. Sanjay Suri is wast. The investigation team headed by Sanjay Suri find out that each of the students had received a Friend Request from an account named Mona Darling, which apparently belongs to Mona.

To get to the bottom of the mystery, two of Mona’s college mates decide to carry out their own investigations when they realize that things are not as simple as they seem. The question is, is Mona in hiding and orchestrating this to take revenge or has Mona committed suicide and it is her ghost that is on the prowl to avenge the wrong done to her.

Mona Darling’ starts with unnatural deaths of few youngsters in a college campus. Together, SaMona Darlingrah and Wiki find a pattern between the campus murders and missing of Mona. They also find a fake Facebook profile of Mona, which keeps sending friend request to everyone on the campus. The dots starts connecting as Sarah start joining everything happening around them. Leading an unexpected truth.

Mona Darling Movie 2017 Crew

Shashi Sudigala

Tanaya Oak

Manish Tipu

Shashi Sudigala

Vashu Bhagnani

Anshuman Jha

Mona Darling

Suzanna Mukherjee

Sanjay Suri

Sapan Narula

Tariq Umar Khan


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