Mirza Juuliet Movie 2017 Review, Release Date, cast


Hello, Friends welcome to The worldmirchi.com blog and I am Vinay Patel. Today I want to share something special with you, and it is Mirza Juuliet Movie 2017 Review, Release Date, cast. Shakespeare, too, is happily operated on the field. The proper name of Bird’s most famous heroine, which is certainly the least of its crimes. But the film said about the burden of an extra ‘U’ It also comes out to completely eliminate the shape of the character. And this is totally unknowable, but then what do we expect from that movie. Which goes into the conflict between its three tough brothers and exploitation and disillusioned Muslim women who have nothing to lose.

Mirza Juulie

It can appear relatively rational that the film is expected to shape in an audacious inter-religious romance set in an atmosphere of insurgency and intolerance. But it is very skillful and unsightly to cross the occasional terrain. In spite of an initial sequence, on the verge of a communal boost up two massive religious processions tampered with. The movie pulls back and throws no meaningful, relevant punches.

At the crossroads of Allahabad city, two political leaders dominate, tensions rise, a shootout is heard and one body falls to the ground. Much about nothing: Mirza Julia lot did not know the mischief of hate politics from that point, Instead. It is related to a crappy, confused yarn about Pet believes of Bollywood’s cow belt Calderon Sagas: Prior marital devastation and offenses are added in patriarchy, false, political move and murder mix.

Mirza Juuliet Movie 2017 Review

Mirza Juuliate has done everything wrong for this. For starters, the film is inspired by films such as Isshajad and Mizya. Which dealt with their own versions of Romeo Juliet and Mirza-Satan. The only difference is that this film is located in a highly influential Uttar Pradesh.

Julie is shown a very clear, luscious girl who does not bat a wink before killing that person who does not follow her methods. With three older brothers, the entire city is scared, Julie considers herself a ‘queen’.

The heroine’s horny, dirty-talk fiancé is fixed. She advises the disorderly childhood friend who comes back from the cold. But even the thematic fringes, rigid and repetitive, not long lasting is the last chapter created around. The last violent face that plays with predetermined scholar lines.

So when the authors are thinking that they are handling a strong female character wisely, they are finally giving a retrograde message to others.

The love story has been completely stuck and is very tedious because you already know ‘tragedy’ finally found out

In the case of most emotional and action scenes there are predicted outbreaks and therefore you get the saying. I knew that it was coming forward with each frame.

Climax pain is slow and so many guns are involved, you feel that you like to borrow to save yourself from the horror.

Mirza Juuliet Movie Release Date:- 07 April 2017

Mirza Juuliet Movie cast

  • Darshan Kumar
  • Priyanshu Chatterjee
  • Piaa Bajpai


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