Kangna Ranaut, Hansal Mehta, For The First Time As A Screenwriter In Simran


Kangna Ranaut, Hansal Mehta, Kangana Ranavat is a talented star for the first time as a scriptwriter in Simran. The actor has ever taken on the role of muscles and has given some incredible performances in the past. Very few people know that Kangana Ranaut has done a scriptwriting course in New York in the past.

Kangna Ranaut

In addition to Kangna Ranaut, Hansal Mehta has collaborated with Aorta Asrani in college for a long time. Who was the screenwriter and editor of Rajkumar Rao’s actor Shahid, he also wrote the role of Manoj Bajpai in the story, script, dialogue and editing for Aligarh, which became one of the most admired films of the past year? He was also a script consultant and editor on City Script.

Speaking about working with Kangana Ranavat in Simran and said that she would like to work again in the future, she said that working with Kangana was deep and satisfying. He called them a great artist and a unique talent that is deeply involved in the process of filmmaking. He said that Simran is a new traveler in his career.

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Kangana Ranaut plays Praful Patel while directing director Hansal Mehta in his next film, Simran. We all agree that Kangana Ranaut is the queen of Bollywood. The versatile actress has played many roles but her next film is out of the box, she is playing Praful Patel. On Wednesday, the first scene and method actor of the film are once again in his elements.

Kangna Ranaut, Hansal Mehta, as a screenwriter in Simran

In Simran, Kangana is not only a Gujarati girl but how many years she has spent in the US. Therefore, her language should be a mixture of Gujarati and American. Hansel says that Kangana should be thrown through a long workshop to get the right of language. The film will be shot in California and other parts of America.

Hissal says, Simran will be my most expensive film till now, so far all of my films have been shot in Mumbai or small towns of India. This is my first film to be taken out of India. He says that he is super enthusiastic about the film and is very excited to know that we will start with Rangoon

To play a versatile role on the screen, the Prince of Bollywood queen, Kangana Ranawatan will again appear in the new incarnation of Hansel Mehta’s Simran. The last 30-year-old actor has worked with Mehta for the first time in Rangoon. And fans cannot wait to see this collaboration

Kangna called the film ‘Path Breaking’ and congratulated the film’s chief Manoj and Rajkumar for his outstanding performance.



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