Kangana Ranaut is the queen of Bollywood. And this is not a joke but it is a real because kangana ranut acting is awesome and this is the point why she is the queen of Bollywood anyway here we takes some arts of the career and biography of kangana ranut. She also wins many awards and no doubt Rangoon movie story and plot is great so it will also win other awards. He was born in bhambla and this is the small town of himachal Pradesh.

Kangana Ranaut

He debuted by his thriller film gangster in 2006 with Imran hashmi. For which she was awarded film award for best film debate. He also win award in fashion movie for best supporting actor.  Tanu weds manu and queen are the best female featuring film of kangana ranut. Shw was born in 23 arch 1986. She was 30 years old.

 kangana ranaut life style, biography and career

Detailed information and career detail about kangana ranaut

Here is the some fims list of kangana ranut. And best film list. Check below

  • Gangster ( 2006 )
  • Fashion ( 2008 )
  • Tanu Weds Manu ( 2011 )
  • Krrish 3 ( 2013 )
  • Queen ( 2014 )
  • Tanu Weds Manu Returns ( 2015 )

So these are the best films by kangana ranaut and in most films he plays lead role.

Kangana ranaut first film gangster is the hit movie and wins many awards. He performed with emraan hashmi with many time and his pair is the another success pair of Bollywood. He played best rle in that movie and wins the award of best debate filmfare. His another film raaz and this is the horror movie with emraan hasmi and again this movie succeded in Bollywood this film awarded by many type of awards and kangana ND EMRAANhasmi deserve it.

You know tanu weds manu is the another success series of the Bollywood and the sequel of tanu weds manu is also great and both are the great movie of kangana ranut and kangana plays the lead role in that movie. And both movies are wins the awards. R madhvan also played lead role in these movies.

Her a nother film queen is the queen movie of Bollywood her comedy liked by everyone and every critics and this film gives kangana to new identity and this film is the best female starrer film of Bollywood and after this movie she identified as a queen of Bollywood.

In krrish 3 he plays the role of villain but his new look everyone liked and this is the higest grosse film of kangana ever. After this film kangana ranut and hritik roshan are doing fights with his/her bad statements in media.

Anyway ranaut gives many shocking statement and recently he said that he do not need any khans in her movie after that statement sanjay bhansali directed movie of shahrukh khan. Shahrukh khan outs her in to this film. Because sharukh khan take this statement seriously. Shahid kapoor also said that I will do not sign any film with kangana after rangoon. So this is the cold war between kangana and shahid kappor