Shah Rukh Khan In A Film The Kabir Khan Direct


Hello, Friends welcome to The blog and I am Vinay Patel. Today I want to share something special with you, and it is Kabir Khan The Direct Shah Rukh Khan In A Film. This is breaking news and you read it first on Bollywood. Kabir Khan will be directing a short film on Dubai Tourism which will feature Shah Rukh Khan who the brand ambassador for Dubai Tourism.


Kabir Khan says reports of superstar Shah Rukh Khan making a cameo in Tube light are merely rumors. Tabulate is the symbol of the third collaboration of the actor-director duo who had worked at Bajrangi Bhaijaan and one on Tiger at first.

Directors who have reinforced films with a strong political background, He also talked about the recent striking steps of the government.

When asked if it is affecting the film’s business. Especially on the recent release Rock on 2, he said, I think it is affecting everyday life. It is a part of daily life to go to a movie.

Kabir Khan The Direct Shah Rukh Khan

Kabir Khan says reports of superstar Shah Rukh Khan making a cameo in ‘Tube light’ are merely rumors. Confirming this old rumored Kabir Khan, “Yes, Shahrukh is doing this, but I cannot say anything else about it.” Further sources show that Shah Rukh and Salman are in the Tabulate Cameo will share screen space while present. Karan Arjuna, we are tax are Hain Sanam and some have happened along with their first present the fans of both the mines have a desire to see them together.

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Shahrukh Khan Who will appear in Kabir Khan’s Twilight in a guest appearance. May possibly collaborate with the filmmaker for the next project. One source says. Kabir Khan is keen to work with Shahrukh. And have already contacted them for a project. This is not a feature film, though. Right now, disclosing any details is very quick.

Kabir Khan has still discovered the web series platform. He shot for an advertisement with Shahrukh recently. The upcoming project may be one or both of these two enterprises or completely different.

Meanwhile, Shahrukh will play a magician in Salman Khan’s tube line. This will be Kabir’s third film with Salman Khan. It will be interesting to see Kabir, who works with the other major Khan in Showbiz.


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