Kaabil Vs Raees Box Office Collection How Hrithik Roshan, Shah Rukh Khan Films Finally Fared


Rahul Dholakia’s Crime Drama Raees has managed to achieve yet another milestone after its second weekend in spite of the reducing margin between its box office collection and that of Sanjay Gupta’s reveng drama Kaabil. The same report suggests that Kaabil garnered Rs 9.22 and RS 11.88 crore on Saturday and Sunday respectively.

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On the other hand Raees, which stars Shah Rukh Khan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Pakistani actor Mahira Khan, will release a week after Kaabil. This will give kaabil quite an edge over Raees in its box office collection in Pakistan. Raees has crossed the coveted Rs 275 crore marks at the global box office. Its domestic collection stands at Rs 147.57 crore and the overseas collection over Rs 126 crore, as on Sunday, 5 February.

Kaabil vs Raees Movie Story.

Hrithik Roshan’s Kaabil and shahrukh khan clashed at the box office on Wednesday. So far Raees has emerged a clear winner in this much hyped clash. However, Kaabil has also gained momentum in last few days. Raees has an edge over Kaabil in terms of screen count as it has 60% of screens. The genre was also box office friendly whereas Kaabil was a thriller and more of a content driven film.

The competition between Raees and Kaabil has turned out to be a decent one however if it started on a 50/50 screen share basis then it would have been a very competitive fight then what it appears out to be. The movie is based on the real story end on the life of the Abdul latif, life who was bootlegger. it has been reported that in march 2016 , a legal notice was sent by an alleged gangster Abdul latif’s son, mustak, asking how or why a film on his father’s life is being made.

The movie filmed among four main raees cast, shah rukh khan, mahira khan, nawazuddin siddiqui and sunny leone. Hold on, before you imagine sunny leone role in the movie, we tell you that she will just piay an item song laila o laila in the movie. The indian action thriller movie is directed by rahul dholakia and produced by gauri khan, ritesh sidhwani and farhan akhtar. The movie is under the banner red chilies entertainment. End raees release date is fixed somehow on 25 january 2017.

Kaabil & Raees  Movie All Day Collection.

Raees Day wise collectionDomestic collectionKaabil day wise collectionDomestic collection
Day 1Rs.20.42 croreDay 1Rs.10.43 crore
Day 2Rs.26.30 croreDay 2Rs.18.67 crore
Day 3Rs.13.11 croreDay 3Rs.9.77 crore
Day 4Rs.15.61 croreDay 4Rs.13.54 crore
Day 5Rs.17.80 croreDay 5Rs.15.06 crore
Day 6Rs.8.25 croreDay 6Rs.6.05 crore
Day 7Rs.7.52 croreDay 7Rs.6.21 crore
Day 8Rs.6.5 croreDay 8Rs.5.81 crore
Day 9Rs.6.85 croreDay 9Rs.5.25 crore
Day 10Rs.7.11 croreDay 10Rs.6.40 crore
Day 11Rs.13.70 croreDay 11Rs.9.23 crore
Day 12Rs.13.79 croreDay 12Rs.11.89 crore
Day 13Rs.7.68 croreDay 13Rs.2.98 crore
Day 14Rs.6.50 croreDay 14Rs.3.06 crore
Day 15Rs.4.11 croreDay 15Rs.2.89 crore
Day 16Rs.1.60 croreDay 16Rs.2.31 crore
Day 17Rs.1.30 croreDay 17Rs.1.13 crore
Day 18Rs.1.21 croreDay 18Rs.1.38 crore
Day 19Rs.1.16 croreDay 19Rs.1.45 crore
Day 20Rs.66 lakhDay 20Rs.80 lakh
Day 20 total collectionRs.180.85 croreDay 20 total collectionRs.134.31 crore



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