Jacqueline Fernandez to host the singer, Jacqueline Fernandez, who hosted Justin Baber in Mumbai


India is ready to host the biggest concerts of the coming year. And D.Y. Patel Stadium in Mumbai on May 10. It has also been told. That many Bollywood celebrities will also perform at the show. Global Pop Sensation Justin Bibber is ready to bring his ‘Purpose’ stadium world tour to India jacqueline.


His plans are to take Bibber to the Gateway of India, Isakson Temple, Collabra Causeway. Now, we have learned that Jacqueline Fernandez will take Justin Bibber to Mumbai during his stay. He is planning to take the auto ride on Bandar Road separately from the film City tour. She also wants to meet some deprived children in the Dharavi slum area. He said that when Baber is in India. He would like to take him around and would love to give him the taste of everything in the country and be his guide to the tour.

In a statement, Jacqueline Fernandez said that he has been a big fan of Justin Bibber and he already has some things in the store that can make his multi-dimensional journey. She is planning to prepare a special menu of Maharashtra. South Indian And Gujarati recipes for Justin to taste the indigenous flavors in its new launching restaurant.

Gorgeous actress started to become an entrepreneur. who recently made it in the headlines for her restaurant enterprise, intends to carry beer on auto ride through Gateway of India. ISKCON Temple, Collabra Causeway and Benda’s echo lanes. Keeps. His multi dimensional journey will be when he is in India. I want to take him around and give him the taste of all things and want to visit him as a guide!

jacqueline Hosted Justin Baber in Mumbai

Gleeful actress started to become an entrepreneur. who had recently made headlines for her restaurant venture. which was to take beer from traveling on the streets of Gateway of India. ISKCON Temple, Collabra Causeway and Bandar Intends. What is more is that he has organized a day with the deprive children in the Dharavi slum. During his scheduled visit, a Grammy Award winner and global pop sensation Justin Bibber will take a tour around Mumbai. When he is in India, I want to take him around and taste all the things of the country.

Jacqueline intended to take the streets of Bandanna along with the visit of Film City to India’s Gateway of India, Liaison Temple. Corolla Causeway and Auto, And I have a lot of things already in my mind that I thought. It would be their multi dimensional journey by Jacqueline said in a statement.

The actress has included a special menu of Maharashtra, South Indian and Gujarati dishes in her newly launch restaurant. India director Arjun Jain said. We are working to finalize the travel program and we hope that Weber will have to give a multi dimensional perspective about. India and it is a memorable event in which he experiment with more discoveries electronic sounds.



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