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There are some inconvenient truths that we avoid looking when development is involved. And then comes’ a film which grabs us by the neck and forces us to take notice of a world different from ours. Director Aparnaa Singh’s Irada brings us face to face with harsh realities in Punjab. Disguised as a Good Samaritan’s fight for justice, Irada talks about systematic corruption or rather the lack of willpower to curb it. Divya Dutta’s terrifyingly authoritative CM is more than just grey.


About Irada Movie Storyline

There are some inconvenient truths we avoid looking when development is involved. And then came’s a film which grabs us by the neck and forces us to take notice of a world different from ours. Hundreds of new cases of cancer are being reported every year in the state that is known as the rice bowl of India and most of them belong to a particular geographical area. Irada suggests the reason behind it could be reverse-boring, a technical term for dumping chemical residuals into the earth.

Irada is an upcoming Indian eco thriller feature film directed by Aparnaa Singh and produced by Falguni Patel and Prince Soni The film is written by Aparnaa Singh and Anushka Rajan and stars Diwakar Kumar Rumana Molla Naseeruddin Shah, Arshad Warsi Divya Dutta, Sharad Kelkar Sagarika Ghatge in lead roles. The film is scheduled for a worldwide Release on 17 February 2017. The film’s attempt to educate the audience on the perils of chemical contamination, reverse boring and groundwater pollution that is a harsh reality around urban townships is half-baked.


Irada has its heart in heart in the right place having picked up a subject that talk of environmental hazards, debutant director Aparnaa Singh’s conscientious streak shows. Army man, Parabjeet Walia Naseeruddin Shah, dotes on his only daughter Riya ,Rumana Molla. He is shattered when she is declared terminally-ill. On digging deeper to find the real cause of her mysterious disease, he discovers that many others in Punjab are dying of cancer because of the contaminated water that is supplied to the township. Naseer, then sets out to expose the nexus between a pharmaceutical giant and the State Administration, both of who are turning a blind eye to the health hazards of the dying public. He is joined on his mission by Intelligence Officer, Arjun Mishra Arshad Warsi.

About Movie Review

There is also a sub-plot of a journalist Sagarika Ghatge, seeking revenge for her dead boyfriend. Even this track is really weak. If intention is everything, you may feel kindly towards Irada. Unfortunately when it comes to a celluloid experience, story-telling is Prime. Here, the film falters. All he has to do is follow Raman deep’s tart orders – file a report that exonerates Paddy and hang the blame on an employee who has killed himself. Arjun’s curiosity eventually leads him to Parabjeet, and a friendship develops between the two men.

The line separating a simply good film drom an indisputably great one is often thin Irada doesn’t quite mark the leap across the chasm. The more we watch him the more we marvel at the ease and confidence that he brings to his craft. Worse never seems to act. He doesn’t need to the film motions the long term deleterious effect of the Green Revolution is mentioned in passing.

About Movie Soundtrack

They both decide to join forces and are meets by a journalist, who is trying to get more information about her boyfriend’s sudden disappearance they suspect involvement of the factory owner and some local leaders and begin to investing to the cause of the incident. They must now fight a wealthy businessman and his local goons to bring out the truth about the blast and expose the culprit’s being the blast.

The film offers four tracks Irada the Tirack Mahi a folksy song, chaand Rajai Odhe’ a lullaby and mitran de of these, Chaand Rajai Odhe’ by Papon seems to be the best, splendidly delivered and set to a wonderful backdrop. Mitran de song by Master Saleem, Kaur B and Earl Edgar, evokes the Punjabi notes but sounds rather flat. The title track, song by Nikhil Uzgare, is good but fails to deliver a punch as well Apart from Hardhdeep Kaur’s voice, nothing seems to Work for mahi, the song fails to register and leave a lasting impact.

 About Movie Cast
  1. Naseeruddin Shah
  2. Arshad Warsi
  3. Rumana Molla
  4. Divya Dutta
  5. Sharad Kelkar
  6. Sagarika Ghatge
  7. Neeraj Shridhar


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