Revealed Imran Hashmi Will Come With His Birthday In Goa


Hello, Friends welcome to the worldmirchi blog and I am Vinay Patel. Today I want to share something special with you, and it is Revealed Imran Hashmi Will Come With His Birthday In Goa. Imran Hashmi, Who changes age of one year, expressed the desire of the ring in a very quiet manner on a special day. Actor who plays the role of a producer this year with Captain Nawab wants to move forward according to the career. And want to keep your birthday party less important. Talking about his plans, Imran Hashmi said. I am not in big festivals, so it will be a small. intimate meeting with close friends and family. I am going out of Mumbai and go to Goa for a few days.

Imran Hashmi

Between the festive celebrations and birthdays, Imran Hashmi, Who changes the age of one year, expresses the desire to ring in a very quiet manner in a special day. I wanted to stay away for a long time, but I have other commitments. So I was short of time. So this is just a small 3 day holiday in Goa.

In addition to making a move between your work and personal commitments, Imran Hashmi has also worked for spreading awareness about cancer and treating many people suffering from the disease. You probably do not know Imran who is a popular face in Bollywood. The irony is that Hindi films do not see. The actor revealed in an interview that he has not seen many Bollywood movies, he grows.

Imran Hashmi birthday in Goa

During an interview, Alia Bhatt revealed that she did not know that she was related to Imran Hashmi when he saw his debut film ‘Pavepath’. He also said that he is happy that he does not see Hindi films. Because this makes their movies more subjective, The actor has created an author with ‘The Casey of Life’ which is inspired by his real life experiences to cope with the painful experience of his son suffering from cancer. During the launch of his book The Kiss of Life. ¬†Imran was asked about his wife’s reaction to his kiss. Imran said, “He still speaks. He does not beat me so far. First it was with the bag, now it is only by hand.

That’s why he comes in years. Imran admitted that he is not big on the parties and has to socialize. He said that he would choose to eat a quiet family at any party on the highest day, when his four year old cancer was detect. His son was able to compete with the disease and used to recover fully. With the help of his son, Imran helped fight cancer in every conceivable way. Ayan has given me a new birth He made me a better person and taught me that life will kill you. This will knock you on the floor, but you have to get up, stumble, and fall again.

Once upon a time Mumbai, Shanghai and Azhar’ Imran have repeatedly proved that he is an actor. Who are worthy of more praise and recognition for their work. Apart from being a great actor, He is a true good man. Who becomes a proud father for a son and a loving husband? Today, He celebrates his 38th birthday, we consider few facts interesting.


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