Hindi Medium Movie 2017 Review, Storyline And Cast


The intentions, efforts and subjective innovation of Hindi medium of Sakhat Chaudhary – complete score – OK. It takes the scuffle for pre-primary admission that the testimony of elite. Metropolitan English-secondary schools can face immediate power with parents every year. Whose face is facing or dissatisfied Given the fullness. However, the film does score very little.

Hindi Medium

It is a social satire playing the role of Irrfan Khan. A bizarre mix of status comedy and a bold detail on Downsides of Ersatz Spark-Order Mobility. It employs extensive strokes which depend on genetic, noisy, microscopic conditions.

Irrfan’s immortalised comedic talent (in the form of Raj Batra. A well of old Delhi clothes) and Saba Kamar (as his wife Meeta, who is a happy mother, no unnecessary). This film does not take itself seriously until an English medium public school was being searched for her daughter in Delhi as an ambitious Delhi couple. She washes the city for the key to this magic, Shobha of Chandni Chowk.

But in the second half some pictures of Hindi medium shuffled the purity of labor. The intimate humor of the opening passages disappears and they are replaced with an indication. Even when two main actors remain shining, the soul of the film gets affected.

The work of disappointment of this couple is sometimes entertaining to decide. That they have adequate human beings, they pledge to give their daughter Piya the highest level English medium education. Which can be. They shifted to Vasant Vihar to shift school hunting. His misguided methods have triggered a series of events that throw their lives, and they make friends like a low-income group couple.

Hindi Medium Movie Review

Hindi medium (written by Zainit Lakhani and Chaudhary) remembers the mark on an important count. It fails to achieve this type of hypersensitivity, as a result of demand of the subject. It becomes a victim of its natural creation. Worse than the start of an inconsistently etched public school principal (Amrita Singh). Has been made.

The film’s plot is based on the simplified design of all the rich, insensitive, panic-stricken and awakening in the form of languages that speak English-speaking South Delhi. On the other hand, poverty is romantic through the charitable acts of a righteous. Self-sufficient factory makers (Deepak Dobriyal), in their words, “pure deepness, gearb from sat pusto”. The ability of this indomitable man to take. The personal shock in his capacity is an eye opener for Raj Batra.

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Obviously, there is no problem in the whole world – of course if this is not a minor matter in the debate as a debate for the good at the government’s official school. It should not be done with the help of convenient, non-holding. In the list of Irrfan Khan’s performances, all nature was given to Bangad Baranang along.

Around the effect of peer pressure with children. The skirt of Hindi medium and the youth are avoided in the center of action. But in all other aspects of behavior, Piya’s parents go to a government school and those children. Is influenced by the skill of the person, whom he is offered by a principal who can focus. His attention on the collapsing building and its stays orbits and toilets. Regards. But none of this becomes an integral part of the big design of the film.

Hindi Medium Movie Storyline

The Hindi medium divides the rich, English-Hindi, Chandni Chowk-Vasant Vihar and India in very superficial terms, which work with character types rather than real life. Meeta Batra, who is unhappy with her social and academic status, speaks in English and indicates. The lack of flow of power of her husband’s nation. ‘Mata ki bula hai hai’ is Raj Batra’s mobile ringtone and ‘Tere jin gin jyad ki raat ki Raat’ is a kind of music that he wants. His wife has no end to embarrassment.

Hindi medium sees problems which primarily suffer from the students’ intake system through the eyes of the parents. The voice of children is given to the most important stakeholder, small learning. In one scene. The daughter of Bates is asked by admission consultant (Tilottama Shome, superb) to read a nursery rhyme. The little girl is too shy to answer.

In the activity area of the well-known beauty centre of all know candidates. The reduction candidates show two bright rich children, on q, display their extraordinary knowledge, talent and language skills. The girl instantly launches in “Twinkle”, a little leather star. I wonder what you are. You are what you are doing in this way the conversation between the advisor and the father is revealed. Children need such moments to learn ways to deal with the world, no matter how rude or confused.

This is an important issue that addresses it and those artists who deploy. It to highlight, are definitely worthy of more complex and layered remedies. If Hindi medium is left.

Hindi Medium Movie cast

  • Irrfan Khan
  • Saba Qamar
  • Deepak Dobriyal
  • Delzad Hiwale
  • Young Raj
  • Sanjana Sanghi
  • Young Meeta
  • Taran Bajaj
  • Prince (Tout)
  • Jaspal Sharma
  • Raj ‘s neighbor
  • Swati Das
  • Tulsi
  • Vijay Kumar Dogra


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