Half Girlfriend Movie 2017 Review, Storyline And Cast


What is half the Half Girlfriend Movie? Madhav Jha, Bihari Bhoi, The crowd in Engleys, there is not enough information. Neither college colleague Riya Somani, who has fallen for the girl, who describes herself in this way, with dead seriousness, without a piece of irony

They struggle, who lives in a part of India, which comes completely differently – it is a Hindi speaker that comes from a small town in Bihar; She has become the unmarried daughter of rich parents from New Delhi – all young people who are going through romance to find the answer to this important question: are we?

Half Girlfriend Movie

Madhav (Arjun Kapoor) and Riya (Shraddha Kapoor) take two hours and some to find out. Under the baton of Mohit Suri, and from his novel of the same name, being loyal to the source material of Chetan Bhagat, both of us laughed, we felt louder, but who eventually sticks to the songs of Sufi-fuel, And some misunderstandings I liked the half-girlfriend

The answer to the original question is stupid. Is there a girl who puts a boy out of hand with a little hand, but when one more ‘half girlfriend’ is asked then you will be pulling back? In the film, Tap and speaks about half-cooked, confused desires of a specific type of male (in this example, North Indian / Bihari), when he lives in Madhav’s room at St Steven College, yes, that college The model based on which uses the capital. With the seriousness of the disturbance, without irony, to say: ‘What is this half, forty-four, four?’

When your hormones are increasing, even ‘half-girlfriends’ are there, especially in college, everyone keeps a watch on the girl; Arjun Kapoor is an attractive actor, and he wants to be placed in the places, and along with the maintenance of his pronunciation- slipped.

Half Girlfriend Movie Review

His fun at Jim’s life is a problem, not only because he looks old to his share: it is not only athletic inclination as a basketball player, in addition to this, the film decides in a dramatic spotlight that is Bollywood The weakness is: ‘Hero’ is always slightly more than its surroundings; His companions are never visible in their form, even if they have better lines

And he goes for reverence, which is going loose as he goes along, but still is also to search for depth. She has been ready and spent for a college girl till now, even though her character comes with money: Students playing the designer threads are fine. But Riya is ending a lot. And please, no, you can not sneak on the top of India Gate just to make a little effort with your so-called half-lover, even if you have fantasy of Bollywood.

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Can it be better? The book, despite its shortcomings, feels an organic whole and more: The film, which was always in the book, makes very hard attempts when a character says: not once, but once, He only has four Not speaking to the characters on the side, are not just talking; He wants us to listen to him, and let us breathe on Bihari-Desi / Desi-Desi.

I enjoyed the first half Suri knows how to make drama, and tricks us in places, enough to ignore the construction of the characters and the conspiracy in the second. Which is dragged into the milestone and ‘ The song is ‘swelling’, I was left with that turbulence question: is half better than anyone?

Half Girlfriend Movie Storyline

The story of the movie half girlfriend is derived from the novel ‘Ardh Premika’, according to a review of the story of Half Girlfriend Movie, a love story of Patna’s Bihari boy and a high society of Delhi girl. Delhi University comes to Patna from Madhava, despite the English. They hold seats in DU and start their studies. During her college days, she meets a high-level Delhi girl, Riya Somani. They both became friends and one day Madhav had proposed Riya, but Riya decided to become her half-girlfriend to become her girlfriend.

Half girlfriend is the love story of a Bihari boy and a high society girl. Based on the background of how English defines a class system, it talks about Madhava. Who wants to build a relationship with urban and English-speaking Riya Somani Out on the outside, both of them are not common. But in the most unexpected way love flower when Madhav starts to entice Riya but, Riya is committed Not interested in TV. So, she becomes her half girlfriend!

The film got a pre-release hiip with the trailer, in which the main cast Arjun Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor will be seen in the role of Madhav Jha and Riya Somani respectively. And trailer Riya will show unconditional love to Madhav Jha (Arjun Kapoor) with Somani (reference) and problems in his relationship.

The story comes in an undesirable turn and turns, even if you eagerly wait for it to end. I remember at least one place where I had called to relieve the movie that the film has finally ended, only for another half hour. This was the usual sense of audience watching the morning show. Half Girlfriend Movie of Mohit Suri are known for good music and thankfully.

Half Girlfriend Movie Full Cast

  • Shraddha Kapoor
  • Riya Somani
  • Arjun Kapoor
  • Madhav Jha
  • Rhea Chakraborty
  • Greg Kriek
  • Adam Davenport
  • Seema Biswas
  • Anisa Butt
  • Rutvi
  • Vikrant Massey


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