Govinda Movie Aa Gaya Hero All 5 Day Collection Worldwide Report, Cast & Review


Govinda Movie. Apart from this, the whole story revolves around conspiracy. An ideal fearless police officer becomes a nightmare for those people. Which break the law? And contract killers are run by don and corrupt leaders. As I told you that story tale is weak. And many more efforts are needed. Besides, they are saying, they are saying.


That box office is not accumulating so much by filmmakers. Let’s make the movie incomplete or weak at the box office. That’s how many makers are going to make this. 0.25 crore in a day and the film has not seen much change in collection in two days because it has collected the money. Due to competition from 0.25 crore other releases and lack of good response.

The total collection of the film is currently at Rs.0.50 cr. from that single screen in the Indians and around 3 day collection 0.30 crore from the multiplex. Overall, Rs. 0.80 crores on the first day of release Sources say.

Aa Gaya Hero has a Tragedy with a collection Day 4 Rs. 0.75 cr marks. This is a terrible consequence of this film. At least in recent times when he was supporting roles Happy Ending, Kill Dil], then There was also a section of viewers watching, on the big screen, in the case of a hero hero, the attempt has become completely unruly. The movie did grow on a day to day basis to register a weekend of Rs. 2.42 crore. Monday Day 5, which takes its grand total to 0.87 cr.

Govinda movie Aa Gaya Hero All Day Collection

1Day: 0.25 cr

2Day: 0.25 cr

3Day: 0.30 cr

4 Day: 0.75 cr

5Day: 0.87 cr

All Day Total: 2.42 cr

Govinda Movie Aa Gaya Hero Review

Awareness events made in the several were held around the film actor. While creating for a while, playing, and people were watching Bean Hero’s Trade Vithin Array appeared in the movie, Trouble and Old Opinion.

Aa Gaya Hero A formula exposed by a formula of Trade Clever and the film, producer will touch certain awareness amongst you; this was a movie for the audience. Oh a movie releases delivery. You were release in the movie. Industry Array Expenses and were receive. Govinda was three in March in Starrer residence Initially Salted Release

Govinda Postponed present the movie was a date again. Then the latest updates ‘Hero’ set a new date with all the theaters release March 2017 seventeen. Yes, its confirmation. His Comeback Comedy Thriller with Govinda in which The Hero was all set to make a place array. Govinda.

Govinda Movie Aa Gaya Hero Cast

  • Vikas Anand
  • Makrand Deshpande
  • Govinda
  • Harish
  • Murli sharma
  • Richa Sharma
  • Sweta sharma
  • Abbas Ali Moghul
  • Nancy
  • Ramis Rai
  • Ashutosh Rana
  • Poonam Pandey
  • Rohit Pathak


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