God Status For WhatsApp And Facebook


God Status For WhatsApp With You This Status Is Collection Of The Famous Popular And Beautiful Status. This Is Many People Who are Searching For The God Status For WhatsApp, Facebook And For Other Social Media. You Can Check The Below Collection Of God Status For WhatsApp.

His Created a List Of God Status For WhatsApp And That You Can Share With Your Friends On Social Platforms Like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp Easily.These Quotes is Help us to Identify Relation Between God and creations. He is a Very Special God Status Quotes Collection to Describe Kindness, Forgiveness of God.

God Status For WhatsApp And Facebook
God Status For WhatsApp And Facebook

God Quotes Collection is a Rich by Various Famous Sayings and Reference of Holy Book. Also Here are We Listed Thank You God Status, Trust In God Status and Messages For Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram and other Social Apps to Share With You Friends and Followers.

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Best God Status For WhatsApp

Think good, our thought shapes us.

Lord, who lends me life, lend me a heart replete with thankfulness.

To let go is the sign of influential people.

While praying, we should pray not sing.

Burn your ego into ashes.

Live your life as you want, love your family like there is no tomorrow, and thank God for everyday for allowing you to start it all over again.

Faith and hope are the inspiration to move forward into life.

Thanks god for this beautiful life and please forgive me if I don’t love it.

Prayer in the good time works as fixed deposit.

Divine treat includes Holy talks and holy minds.

Holiness is doing God’s will with a smile.

The privilege He offers you is greater than the price you have to pay.

The most important thing in life is happiness & cannot be bought.

Let the giving of thanks be your sacrifice to God.

Achievements are accomplished through difficulties.

Every morning I wake up and thank God.

The most important thing in life is happiness cannot be bought.

Our God is at home with the rolling spheres, and at home with broken hearts.

While praying we should pray not sing.

God alone cannot change our destiny, we have to act accordingly.

Thank You God Status

I just thank God for all of the blessings. – James Brown

Every morning I wake up and thank God. – Aaron Neville

Let the giving of thanks be your sacrifice to God. – The Bible

I will thank God for the day and the moment I have. – Jim Valvano

Thank You for giving me the humility to seek advice and wisdom from older brothers.

I am as bad as the worst, but, thank God, I am as good as the best. – Walt Whitman

God gave you a gift of 86,400 seconds today. Have you used one to say ‘thank you’? – Dr. William Arthur Ward

If you don’t thank GOD for every smile, then you have no right to complain about every tear.

I’m blessed and I thank God for every day for everything that happens for me. – Lil Wayne

O Lord, who lends me life, lend me a heart replete with thankfulness. – William Shakespeare

I may not be where I want to be, but thank God I am not where I used to be. – Joyce Meyer

If we thanked God for the good things, there wouldn’t be time to weep over the bad. – Yiddish Proverb

Dear Heavenly Father, I’m thankful for life and all the good things I have, thanks for guiding my life towards salvation.

Thank you, dear God, for this good life, and forgive us if we do not love it enough. – Garrison Keillor

Remember the good times, be strong during the difficult times, love Always, smile often and thank God for every moment!

Trust In God Quotes and Status

Keep calm and trust God.

I trust God with my life. After all he gave it to me.

Don’t worry. God is always on time. Trust him.

If you trust God to give you wings, you will fly. – Gladys Bejani

Trust in good and he will never leave you.

Trust God & Believe in good things to come.

God is the God of second chance. He will never give up on you.

When the world is against you, look at the sky. God is with you.

My job is to take care of the possible, and trust God with the impossible. – Malika E Nura

Fear is the glue that keeps you stuck. Faith is the solvent that sets you free. – Shannon L. Alder

When you trust God and make God the most important thing in your life, God will work for you.

The LORD is good, a strong hold in the day of trouble; and he knoweth them that trust in him. – Nahum 1:7

Look back and thank God. Look forward and trust God. He closes doors no man can open and he opens doors no man can close.

Trust Jesus daily by giving Him the wheel and He will lead you in the direction of an eternal and great life. – Pauline Seaport

Dear God, please hold my hand and guide my feet, guard my mouth and protect my mind. Thank you always watching over me.

If you have none around you to help that means God has full trust on you… Trust yourself.

God doesn’t create a lock without its key, God doesn’t give you problems without its solutions! Trust him.

Man says…show me and i’ll trust you. God says…trust me and I’ll show you.

When we put our problems in God’s hands, he put hit peace in our hearts.

God has perfect timing; never early, never late. It takes a little patience and faith, but it’s worth the wait.

God never ends anything on a negative; God always ends on a positive.

Sometimes God’s blessings are not in what he gives; but in what he takes away. He knows best. Trust Him.

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Thank God Status & Messages For Facebook

First, I have to thank God for giving me the gift that he did as well as a second chance for a better life. – Oksana Baiul

Thank you for the good times, The days you filled with pleasure. Thank you for fond memories, And for feelings I’ll always treasure.

God, thanks for giving me wisdom and bliss, I know that without you I couldn’t do anything. Thank you God for all the good that has happened in my life.

I’ll never stop thanking you for making me a better person. I promise to be loyal in every aspect. Thank you dear God for the happiness I now have in my life and for the people who are with me.

Live your life like you want, love your family like there is no tomorrow, and thank God for everyday for allowing you to start it all over again.

Thank God every morning when you get up that you have something to do that day, which must be done, whether you like it or not. – James Russell Lowell

Thank you Father, I came out of darkness and lovingly you’ve taken care of me, I was born again thanks to your help, and my desire is for everyone to peace in their lives.

I give God all the glory. And try to move on. Come home and hug my wife and my children. And thank God for every day that I have with my family. – Jayson Williams

Dear God thank you for the happiness you give my spirit and for protecting me from the dangers there are in life, hallelujah God.

You know what, I’m probably one of the most blessed people there’s ever been, and I thank God for it. – Smokey Robinson

Dear God, if you hadn’t sent your son Jesus Christ to earth, this world would be much worse and without hope of being saved. Thank you for the sacrifice of your son.

Lord thank you…I just gotta say thank you..you’ve been kind, you let me see a brand new day. Thank you for bringing me through. Thank you for saving me.

It’s impossible to stop believing in you if you’ve saved me from a moment of depression, an you came into my life when I most needed it, thanks to you I’m a different person full of love and goals. Thank you God.

Best God Quotes For Whatsapp Status Update

God has given us two hands, one to receive with and the other to give with. – Billy Graham

God used beautiful mathematics in creating the world. – Paul Dirac

Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God; trust also in me. – Jesus Christ

God never ends anything on a negative; God always ends on a positive. – Edwin Louis Cole

What God intended for you goes far beyond anything you can imagine. – Oprah Winfrey

God gave you a gift of 86,400 seconds today. Have you used one to say ‘thank you?’ – William Arthur Ward

God has given you one face, and you make yourself another. – William Shakespeare

Young man, young man, your arm’s too short to box with God. – James Weldon Johnson

God writes the Gospel not in the Bible alone, but also on trees, and in the flowers and clouds and stars. – Martin Luther

If God can work through me, he can work through anyone. – Francis of Assisi

Our Lord has written the promise of resurrection, not in books alone, but in every leaf in springtime. – Martin Luther

For prayer is nothing else than being on terms of friendship with God. – Saint Teresa of Avila

Never trust anyone completely but God. Love people, but put your full trust only in God. – Lawrence Welk

God meets daily needs daily. Not weekly or annually. He will give you what you need when it is needed. – Max Lucado

God will never reject you. Whether you accept Him is your decision. – Charles Stanley

God is not a cosmic bellboy for whom we can press a button to get things. – Harry Emerson Fosdick

God is bigger than people think. – Jimmy Dean

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God Status For WhatsApp In English

Life is God’s novel. Let him write it. – Isaac Bashevis Singer

God is the tangential point between zero and infinity. – Alfred Jarry

All God does is watch us and kill us when we get boring. We must never, ever be boring. – Chuck Palahniuk

Take care of your words and the words will take care of you. – Amit Ray

I want to know all Gods thoughts; all the rest are just details. – Albert Einstein

He was a wise man who originated the idea of God. – Euripides

God is in the hearts of all, and they that seek shall surely find Him when they need Him most. – Louisa May Alcott

Any fool can count the seeds in an apple. Only God can count all the apples in one seed. – Robert H. Schuller

Young man, young man, your arm’s too short to box with God. – James Weldon Johnson

God understands our prayers even when we can’t find the words to say them.

Every evening I turn my worries over to God. He’s going to be up all night anyway. – Mary C. Crowley

God loves each of us as if there were only one of us. – St. Augustine

You can tell the size of your God by looking at the size of your worry list. The longer your list, the smaller your God.

Everyone who believes in God at all believes that he knows what you and I are going to do tomorrow. – C. S. Lewis

If you believe what you like in the gospels, and reject what you don’t like, it is not the gospel you believe, but yourself. – St Augustine

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. – Martin Luther King Jr.

If we find ourselves with a desire that nothing in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that we were made for another world. – C.S. Lewis

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