The Ghazi Attack Film Box Office Collection Day 5 & Movie Storyline, Cast, Movie Review


The Ghazi Attack completed its first weekend on a strong note and is doing well during the weekdays as well as. The Ghazi Attack had accumulates Rs. 1.55 cr on Monday with their Hindi version. Compared to the figures they gained on the Opening day, the film has remained strong. Including the Hindi and Telugu version of the film, the film has earned Rs. 19.40 crore.

Ghazi Attackhe film showed an upward trend since its release. Sankalp reddy’s film tells a fresh story of war that took place underwater. The Ghazi Attack features notable actors like Taapsee Pannu, Kay Kay Menon, Atul Kiulkarni, Rahul Singh and last Om Puri, who have proved their mettle over the years as they care to chase good work over stardom.

About Ghazi Attack Movie Story

The only person who might gain the most out of the competition might be Taapsee Pannu who is a part of both The Ghazi Attack and Rinning shaadi. The Ghazi Attack misses its mark mor often than not, not with standing the impressive scale of its ambition and execution.

The film,made In Telugu and Hindi, imagines the circumstances in witch the Pakistan submarine PNS Ghazi sank in the bay of Bengal a day after India joined the 1971 war to liberate Bangladesh. The Ghazi Attack delivers manya riveting moment and is bolstered by the talent of a few capsble actors. Its plot howerver,is devoid of any mystery.

This is a story of courage and arrogant all odds. the two vessels fire torpedoes at each other as a hist of challenges erupt aboard the Indian submarine all par for the course. Isn’sthat how it always is when the antagonists are Pakistanis are Pakistanis? But The Ghazi Attackisn’t just about projecting the enemy as abunch of sitting, but vigorously quacking, ducks.

About Movie Review

Ghazi created much interest and buzz when the promos of the film were released as this is the first submarine war film made in India, and that too in Telugu. The music is by K and the background scorecreates The right atmosphere. The music is The soul of this film Madhi’s cinematography is brilliant; Shivaram’s art work is also notable as he recreat.

The first half hour of the ghazi Attack sees Arjun dealing with the bossy demeanor of ran Vijay. Kay Kay Menon plays him like an ill-tempered kid, lines like emotional bloody fools, and this is my bloody sub! Mark a caricature of his character.

All 5 Days Collection

1.      Day 14.25 cr
2.      Day 25.26 cr
3.      Day32.81 cr
4.      Day 42.53 cr
5.      Day 54.55 cr
6.      Day all Total19.40 cr



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