This Film of Khan Creating Since Last 8 Years


Yes I am talking about the film of sharukh khan that film of biggest biopic film of 2018. This is the space based film. According to rumor this film name is salute. But this is just rumor so we cannot trust on that. Aamir fans goes to crazy after this biggest news because this is the biggest film of bollywood. After thugs of hindustaan aamir just start the promotion of this film. And that is not saying by us but self rakesh sharama said about that in one deccan cronical interview.Khan Creating

Khan Creating

this film of khan creating since last 8 years

aamir khan upcoming film

according to rakesh Sharma this flm lead cast aamir khan is the final cast because only aamir khan can do perfect actibng in this film because thi film set and fit with aamir khan. aamir khan now bussy in thugs of hindustaan. Aamir khan alays doing something better his company aamir khan production is the biggest film maker and it’s last film danagl is super succeeded on box office.

This is the big budget film and may it will become a biggest fim of bollywood and will start a 500 crore club. Now fans are goes to crazy for his film thugs of hindustaan. Amitabh bachchan also playing a lead role in that film. Thugs of hindustaan have a perfect script perfect story and perfect cast and print promotion is always awesome of yashraj banner so no doubt this is the next big one film of aamir khan and it will do blast in bollywood.

May aamir khan gets the king khan label to shahrukh khan because aamir khan have 2 step ahead than shahrukh khan anyway just check regular updates of this blog. Thank you.


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