Delhi Of Disha Patani Reveals About The Time A Fan Stalked


Hello, Friends welcome to the worldmirchi blog and I am Vinay Patel. Today I want to share something special with you, and it is Delhi of Disha Patani Reveals about the Time a Fan Stalked. The direction is part of its enthusiastic fans and followers of Patnaik’s most famous celebrities. Likewise, like many other celebrities of Digvijay, they had a close run of Run-ins. Followed by a fan. Actress, who was recently seen in Jackie Chan’s film Kung Fu Yoga, told the incident that happened in Delhi Disha Patani.

Disha Patani

The direction said that when he was in the capital city and landed in a hotel. A male fan was living for two consecutive days to meet him, although it could seem normal. However, the behavior of the fan started when he started pursuing him around the city, from set to shopping mall and even movie theaters. However, Things went out of hand when the same fan started fighting with the hotel staff, when they stopped them from the meeting. As a result, the bouncers of the hotel were escorted to the troublemakers by the premises.

Delhi Of Disha Patani Reveals

Talking further about this incident. The direction said that although he was overwhelmed by the love of those fans, when he came to know about. This particular fan who became a hunter, he was shocked. Describing the whole episode as an unpleasant experience, the direction said that once it was over, she got relief. You get fame and money, people give you idols like crazy and wherever you go, you get special treatment. But, as each coin has two sides, these allowances come with a total violation in the private place and many times the villains emerge in troubled situations.

With a powerful post posting a shocking shameful troll in her place, one of Bollywood’s latest talents. Direna Patni had to deal with an unpleasant situation recently when she traveled to Delhi for a brand shoot. There is a good line between being a fan and being radical. And we all have to learn it on the right side. Respecting each person’s personal space is very important before. We call ourselves a progressive society.


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