Commando 2 Team Weren’t Allowed To Shoot In Switzerland,The Black Money Trail Film Review,


After the 2013 sleeper hit Commando, Vipul Shah promised that the second installment will be much more intriguing with its high octane stunts. While the trailer of Commando 2 has already given us a glimpse of Vidyut’s macho avatar, we hear that the film did face a couple of hurdles during the shoot schedule. According to reports, the film deals with bringing back money to India and after reading the script, the Swiss government believed that it portrayed the country in a bad light and giving the impression that it supports people with black money.

Commando 2

But the brisk pace sits well with this action drama. The web of double crossing and lies come swiftly. The bright spot in this fight fuelled drama is jammwal, whose blows pack a punch. Watch this only if you are a fan of body combat and bloody fist fights. Apart from the growth of inter-personal relationships, the mission has quite a few twists and turns on its way. The story follows Karan as he uses his brain and brawn to recover all of the laundered black money.

The Black Money Trail’ Film Review, Commando 2

Jammwal returns as Captain Karanvir Singh, a valiant savior of the poor and the distressed, in the second instilment from the commando series. He’s in charge of bringing in the leader of an international money laundering ring from Malaysia to India. He is in the national capital to promote Commando 2. And after a raft of interviews, he still keeps the conversation focused on his next release. It’s a great feeling and prompts you to work harder.

Commando 2’s heroine Adah Sharma waits to get a word in as Jamawal holds forth. She was noticed in her debut Bollywood film 1920, and she has been acting in the southern film industry. Also producers are willing to adjust. Also, things become easier if your commando stars are good.

Vidyut is in a chatty mood, we had finished shooting for the film, demonetization happen much later. I personally think it’s a good thing, but commando 2 is about black money. When I wake up in the morning and listen to Baba Ramdev talking about black money, want it back. This is what he says in the film’s trailer as well.

The pre, release round belongs to the team of Commando 2 but will they strike gold at the ticket window as well. Commando 2 was suppos to release on January 6, but was reschedule for March 3. Was demonetization the reason behind it? Adah evades the question with a broad smile, since I love Vidyut so much, I will let him speak first.


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