Collision Between Akshay Kumar And Shahrukh Khan


Yes this is true that akshay kumar and shahrukh khan are competition. Who have more 100 crore club films? Salman khan in top position with 10 films shahrukh khan have In 2nd position with seven films and akshay has total 6 films of 100 crore club film. That now after jolly llb 2 akshay kumar can makes another 100 crore club and he will add with shahrukh khan. salman khan gives many 100 crore club films and proved that he is the bhaijaan of bolllywood. So here king and khiladi are in competition.

Akshay Kumar

Collision between akshay kumar and shahrukh khan

Shahrukh khan and akshay kumar biggest competition

Shahrukh khan is also known as SRK, mr. bollywood badhshah and the king khan and akshay kumar known as a khiladi. He perefect actor in comedy so this is the reason why his films easily earn 100 crore. Akshay kumar gives back to back hit films and creates record.

After those star aami khan have 4th number and his total 100 crore club films are 5 hritik just behind of him. salman khan has many more films to make new records. now akshay kumar has many films that can makes new records and shahrukh khan working in cameo in bahubali 2, tubelight and other movies. Akshay doing four to five films in one year so that is the reason why he is ahead.

Anyway now box-office watch jolly llb 2 collection reports. May it will enter in 100 crore club. Because this film do not have clash with other bg movie so no doubt this movie will make 100 crore easily. wait and watch what happen check latest updates of worldmirchi. Take care.


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