Begum Jan Will Not Leave In Pakistan And It Has Hurt Mahesh Bhatt


Hello, Friends welcome to The blog and I am Vinay Patel. Today I want to share something special with you, and it is Begum Jaan will not release in Pakistan and this has left Mahesh Bhatt hurt. With constant speculation about sensitive relations between India and Pakistan. Another film that is facing the results is Mahesh Bhatt’s Begum Jan, Although Mahesh Bhatt was expected to cross the border of the film.

Mahesh Bhatt

But it broke down because it is the second movie in Pakistan. Which has not been released in the last one month? Prior to this, Shabana, named after Pamenu Pannu. Had to face similarly because, in Pakistan, film censors do not allow import of films based on the subject of partition.

It may be learned from readers that Begum Jan talks about the brave fight given by women in the brothel to become. The target of corrupt, manipulative, selfish and greedy politicians. And it has been established during the Partition period of 1947.

Pakistan and it has hurt Mahesh Bhatt

Talking about the same, Mahesh Bhatt said that he had requested. The Pakistan Censor Board to watch his film before reaching a decision. Although they were assured about it, they have not heard from them since then. And in Pakistan also their distributors have been informed, that they do not import Begum Jan in Pakistan. Although he stressed that the film will not face any major loss because it is not releasing in the Pakistani market. Likewise, some of his colleagues made fun of him because of which he was hurt. Mahesh Bhatt.

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On the other hand, Shreejit Mukherjee said that the law of someone else’s land should be respected. And he said that Pakistanis are more sensitive and concerned about the issue of partition.

Leading Vidya Balan in the league, Begum Jan’s Pallavi Sharada, Ila Arun, Misti, Gauhar Khan. Vivek Musharan and Chunky Pandey are also playing prominent roles, and are expected to be released on April 14.


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