Athiya Shetty Reveals for Mubarakan Her Secret To Happiness


Hello, Friends welcome to The blog and I am Vinay Patel. Today I want to share something special with you, and it is Athiya Shetty Reveals for Mubarakan Her Secret To Happiness. However, we have never seen him on the silver screen, but Athiya Shetty is getting ready for her second film. The actress, who is made up of a film family, is a philanthropist in spite of puberty and it is from childhood. It is a known fact that Athiya’s mother Mother Shetty is working for ‘Save the Children’ till now and hence she has been a part of her life since childhood. I used to go after school and teach mentally disabled children. And then as soon as I grew up, I started working with teenage girls, who were rescued.

Athiya Shetty

Now, Athiya Shetty is looking for personal charity despite her shooting schedule and other work commitments. She says that it is more money than the time. This plays an integral role in the development of these children. Although he tries to help them financially too. I think time is more important for these children, they feel very special and love when you spend half an hour with them, seeing them happy. You get happiness, but I try it too. Education is not the case despite the right of every child. “He cannot even praise his master and superstar Salman Khan. Who run the Living Human Foundation “I think that (Salman Khan) is the most selfless person and I wish that whatever he does for the people, he can also do 5%.

Athiya Shetty Reveals Her Secret

Athiya Shetty’s next film is Mubarak, where she meets Arjun Kapoor. The latter plays a double role and the film will bring together the real Chacha-Bhatija pair together with Arjun for the first time on the silver screen. There are also Iliana de Cruz, and this directive is guided by Anees Bazme.

While we do not usually see him on silver display, Athiya Shetty is ready for her second film. The actress, who comes from a movie house, is equally philanthropist, regardless of her age, and she is from childhood.

Now, Athiya Shetty wants to donate personally regardless of her shoot schedule and various work commitments. He says that it is more than cash that demonstrates an integral position. Within the reform of those youth, although he tries to help them financially too “I really feel that the additional for these youth. It is necessary, they really feel very special and like if you spend half an day with them.


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