All the Qualities to Become a Superstar Despite he Failed


Yes here I am talkking about abhishek bachchan. His father is amitabh bachchan and he is the super star of bollywood and his mother is a jaya bachchan and she is a also popular heroine of bollywood though abhishesk bachcan failed to impress audience and his father mother. He has one best series and that is dhoom but this time abhishek bachchan also lost dhoom series. You know abhishek bachchan have many weapons that he can use it for maintain his space in bollywood but now he failed.

Abhishek bachchan

All the qualities to become a superstar despite he failed

Abhishek bachchan was having all qualities to become a super star

abhishek bachchan was married to aishvarya ray. And also have children. According to rumor Aishvarya ray now busy in 2.0 shooting. Abhishek bachchan and hrtiik roshan were started career together but abhishek bachchan stay behind then hritik roshan and hritik roshan is the star of bollywood now. He was become a star by his film kaho na pyar he. abhishek bachchan was born in mumbai in 1976.

In 2007 he was married to aishvarya ray. He has done many films as supporting role and lead role. He was not settled in romance then he tried comedy still not settled then he tried action like dhoom movie and tried comedy in bol bachchan. Bol bachchan Is the hit movie of bollywood.

Dhoom is the also super hit series and abhishek bachchan well performed in dhoom series but now ranbeer kapoor takes his charge in dhoom series. Now abhishek bachchan not have any film. Everybody know that amitabh bachchan is the legend of bollywood and jaya bachchan is the also old popular heroine of bollywood but their son failed to acting.


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