Alia Bhatt Movie And Varun Dhawan’s Off Screen Looks? So Vote It!


Alia Bhatt Movie, the dear Zindagi star more than makes up for her off screen ingenue image with a natural born brilliance on celluloid. Alia, who made her debut with student of the year, could well be the Actress of the decade.

Alia Bhatt Movie

Bollywood’s big daddy, Karan Johar is often pilloried for the good looking fluff that he produces at factory speed. That this petite and chirpy Alia Bhatt Movie has the added aura of a glam doll is a massive help in an industry where the rules are at once cruel and simple: Greek gods queue up for the feel good mainstream market while the Plain Jane’s can go knock on the doors of art or alternative cinema.

This is where Alia Bhatt comes in; blurring the line between the two, reminding one of the trajectories that Hollywood’s Jennifer Lawrence has carved with her independent spirit and bold choice of roles that define contemporary American cinema. In each of these roles, she was a revelation. But Alia Bhatt Movie, they love.

Here About ShahRukh Khan & Alia Bhatt Movie Dear Zindagi

With the ‘Dear Zindagi’, a light hearted rom com by Gauri Shinde of ‘English Vinglish’ fame, Alia Bhatt is about to enter the next chapter of her career. It’s her first film with a Khan. Nearly two decades after elder sister Pooja Bhatt romanced Shah Rukh Khan in ‘Chaahat’ Alia makes for an interesting pair with the much-older SRK in a film that everyone is hoping will be as memorable as ‘Chaahat’ was forgettable.

Don’t be surprised if the peppy twenty-something ends up outshining the superstar Khan, nearly twice her age. And that’s another thing about Alia Bhatt Movie. She deserves respect because she makes you believe that you don’t need years of experience to acquire enormous talent.

The former looks equally good with the Haider actress as well. And that’s the reason its hard for me to decide who looks best with Mr Dhawan. But I am pretty sure that’s not the case with you’ll. So Bollywoodlifers without wasting any time lets get down to business. Vote and tell us who according to you looks good with Varun Dhawan, Alia Bhatt or Shraddha Kapoor?


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